Rapper Kodak Black is criticized after claiming he had six abortions: "condoms are cheaper"

Through your profile on Twitter, the american rapper Kodak Black shocked his followers and fans on the social network by revealing that he has already had six abortions performed. The rapper commented on the topic when he announced that he is awaiting the birth of his second child.

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“I’ve already had about six abortions and now my king is finally going to have little brothers,” the musician wrote in a tweet. Remembering that, in the United States, abortion is legal in some states.

With the comment, the rapper even received some criticism on the subject. “Condoms are cheaper,” wrote one person, responding to Kodak. “Just go to sleep, man…”, suggested another one. “Anyone here needed this information?” asked another user of the social network. “Not everything needs to be made public,” wrote another.

Before Black commented on his second child, the baby’s pregnancy had already been revealed through Bradford Cohen, the musician’s lawyer, in an interview for the website “TMZ“. Maranda, girlfriend of the rapper who is pregnant, works as a real estate agent. Kodak Black’s second child is expected to be born between the end of this year and the beginning of 2022.

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