Rapper Blueface arrested in the open street: Charged with attempted murder

Rapper Blueface got a bit of a shock when he was arrested in the open on Tuesday.

It shows video, as TMZ has brought.

Here, the rapper can be seen sitting with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock on a bench while they look at their phones, when several officers assault Blueface and smash him against a wall.

The rapper is now charged with murder.
Photo: Handout

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In legal documents that the media has seen, it is stated that he is charged with attempted murder.

The rapper allegedly attempted murder with either a deadly weapon or tear gas.

The police arrested him on the open street in Las Vegas and according to eyewitnesses, there were six to eight officers who grabbed the rapper and handcuffed him.

In addition to attempted murder, he is charged with shooting a weapon into a house or building.

It has not yet emerged how the rapper relates to the accusations.

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