Rapper 6ix9ine fights with Puerto Rican fans at baseball game

lau chan

Because it does not surprise me? the rapper 6ix9inealso know as tekashi69 was involved in a fight with fans of the Puerto Rico team during the World Baseball Classic quarterfinal game between Mexico and Puerto Rico.

That’s right, the controversial artist was enjoying the game of Mexico vs. Puerto Rico when he almost got a beer can on the head when he started fighting with some fans.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name is Daniel Hernández and whose roots are Mexican, was waving the Mexican flag when a beer can flew past him.

But, what many wonder is why the incident started, a journalist who was near the scene declared that it was simply because the artist is not well liked.


So much was the uproar that they had to take him out of the stadium and to top it off, in a drunken state.

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