Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany (The Battle of Couples 3) separated? These clues leave no room for doubt

Raphaël Pépin and Tiffany separated? New info has been unveiled. While the rumor has circulated in recent days, the two reality TV candidates, who are currently having a very good career in the show The battle of couples 3 on TFX, have decided to act as if nothing had happened and not to speak about it on social networks. A silence that greatly intrigued their fans, who still hope to see them together in a story or in a publication. Unfortunately, the latter may be disappointed, since these new clues say a lot about the state of their relationship …

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Tiffany and Raphaël Pépin – Credit (s): TFX

If so far, Raphael Pepin and Tiffany continued to follow each other on Instagram, this is no longer the case. The young woman was the first to unsubscribe from the account of her darling, who was quick to do the same. Even worse, they deleted all of their couple photos. A strong gesture that proves that nothing is going well between them …

A temporary or definitive crisis?

So, will this crisis be temporary or final? Recall that in the past, the lovebirds have already broken up before patching up. Will it be the same this time? In any case, everyone is waiting for an explanation to understand what could have happened. In a completely different register, know that Raphaël Pépin has balanced the reasons why he is cold with Vincent Queijo.

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