Raoul Hedebouw, the only candidate for the presidency of the PTB: “To force the PS and Ecolo to work with us, we will have to change the balance of power!”

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Raoul Hedebouw was swollen to the max who answered us this morning, just a few hours after the party announced the election of a new president on December 5, a position for which he is the only candidate!

Raoul Hedebouw, many citizens thought that you were already president of the PTB. What will this presidency change for you?

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I am facing a whole new issue. The PTB has indeed a great objective for Flanders in 2024. In the next elections, we must embody the unity of the country and the authentic left against two formations, the N-VA and the Vlaams Belang, which advocate the separation of the Belgium. Our objective will clearly be to push them back. For the rest, I already had a lot of responsibilities internally, in the party. We will work in the continuity of the commitment of Peter Mertens, the outgoing president, to the renewal of the party. It will undoubtedly put a little more pressure on me, including on the time available for private life, but it is little compared to the suffering of the working world. And it is she who inspires me. The PTB works mainly as a team. The president is above all a transmission belt: it is often at his place that feedback and ideas from the base arrive. In the PTB, power is rather concentrated in the party office and the National Council and we can rely on quality people. And Peter Mertens remains by our side.

Exactly, what will his new role be?

He will occupy a post of secretary general as exists in other parties. With a more in-depth look at the strategic challenges of tomorrow. We still need to improve on social media, for example, where we can convey our critiques of capitalism through in-depth videos or posts.

>> His candidacy, his objectives, the future of the party… Find the entire interview with Raoul Hedebouw on our digital editions!

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