RANKING | The Most SHOCKING Revelations of the Ghostface Killer in the ‘PANIC’ Franchise

Caution: possible spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen the movies

The iconic franchise slasher ‘Panic’ is about to get its fifth movie – and it’s already creating countless theories in the minds of fans, including who the new one might be. serial killer the saga.

While more details about the narrative (and clues about the killer) are not revealed, it’s always good to remember the revolution that the films caused in the horror genre and in cinema itself. And to continue our mini-special, we’ve put together a list ranking every killer who’s ever donned the Ghostface mask, from Billy Loomis and Stu Macher to Jill Roberts. And of course, his motivations for murder in general.

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Performer: Rory Culkin

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After the controversial third film in the franchise, Wes Craven took over a decade to revisit ‘Panic’ and present the classic slasher to a new generation – not just of characters, but of fans as well. However, despite the excellent performance of Emma Roberts like the psychotic Jill Roberts, the Charlie Walker revelation (Rory Culkin) as the second assassin did not cause as much fervor and did not turn him into a serial killer memorable enough to reach the top of the list (especially considering her subordination to her colleague in crime).


Intérprete: Timothy Olyphant

Mickey is one of the most remembered assassins in the saga – and not for any reason: in addition to the applaudable interpretation of Timothy Olyphant, the insane character took Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) to doubt everyone around her to isolate her and attack one last time. Even with a perfidious personality and a backstory solid enough to convince us, Mickey met his end in a less-than-honorable way and, to top it off, was overshadowed by his partner in crime.

5. JILL ROBERTS, Scream 4

Performer: Emma Roberts

Despite mixed reviews, ‘Panic 4’ it’s an underrated entry in the saga slasher and managed, in some ways, to revitalize the film series by bringing storytelling into the digital age. And of course, with the emergence of social networks, the serial killer Jill (played by Emma Roberts) would start from a similar line: envying the fame of her cousin, Sidney, Jill architected a story very similar to what the protagonist had lived and made a point of becoming the final girl and becoming the center of the spotlight – that is, until biting his own tongue and meeting the fate of every other murderer in the franchise.

4. STU MACHER, Panic

Performer: Matthew Lillard

Before immortalizing Sausage in the live-action ‘Scooby-Doo’, Matthew Lillard embodied the memorable antagonist Stu Macher in ‘Panic’, from 1996. Despite not being the main villain – since that role is destined for Billy Loomis – Stu caused a much bigger shock when he revealed himself as one of the serial killers. The irreverent construction and lack of significant detail about his real intentions still raises questions about what he ultimately wanted (and even without answers, it’s always fun to revisit those theories).

3. MRS. LOOMIS, Panic 2

Intérprete: Laurie Metcalf

When Debbie Salt appeared on the doorstep of the Windsor College Theater and revealed herself to be Mrs. Loomis, Billy’s mother, the world was shocked to see her reveal herself as the other murderer of ‘Panic 2’. Aided by Mickey’s troubled mind, the character plunged into a personal vendetta, showing that she was as psychologically twisted as her own son and that she would do anything to kill Sidney. As if that weren’t enough, Ms. Loomis’s complex personality was perfectly absorbed by the incredible Laurie Metcalf – who stole the show every time he appeared.


Performer: Skeet Ulrich

Billy Loomis was the franchise’s first hitman. ‘Panic’ and was brilliantly embodied by Skeet Ulrich. Billy posed as Sidney’s boyfriend and promised to stand by her side after Ghostface set his sights on the protagonist, as well as swearing to protect her from any harm. However, he was responsible for creating the plan to kill Sidney’s mother, accusing her of having an affair with his father and alienating him from the family. Billy has the “best” motivations in the franchise, and he’s also shown to be a first-rate sociopath. But if it wasn’t for Roman, he would still be happy with Sidney. Perhaps…

1. ROMAN BRIDGER, Scream 3

Performer: Scott Foley

‘Panic 3’ represented a slight drop in the quality of the franchise, but it is still an above-average film. Criticizing Hollywood and the filth that lurks behind the scenes of show business, the feature has its high points – however, one of them is not Roman Bridger (Scott Foley). In addition to being the serial killer more prolific, with no less than nine deaths under his belt, the character carries an incredible story too – having been “responsible” for starting the entire franchise. The fight scene between her and her half-sister Sidney is one of the best and most intense in the entire franchise, with a killer ending.

Ranking | From the Worst to the Best of the ‘PANIC’ Franchise

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