Range Rover Sport, unveiled the new generation of the English sports SUV – PHOTO

Combining the luxury of the noblest off-road vehicle of English production with the sportiness of modern SUVs: a mission that Range Rover Sport has been successfully completing for several years already. From the (almost) homonymous flagship, the Sport takes the new one as a dowry platform modular “MLA-Flex”, 35% stiffer than in the past. Long 4.95 metersthe “Range Sport” – as its aficionados call it – presents a language stylistic evolved but not revolutionized compared to the previous generation, from which it stands out above all for the appearance of the rear lights and for the door handles flush with the bodywork.

All ‘internal the riot of leather – alternatively there are also eco-sustainable materials – is combined with a technological recipe that includes digital dashboard and a large 13.1 ”mockery, to which the infotelematics, air conditioning and off-road driving programs are dedicated. The “royalty”, on the other hand, passes from armchairs front, air-conditioned, massaging and equipped with integrated speakers.

The frame sector makes use of suspensions predictive pneumatics, capable of self-calibrating on the characteristics of the road based on gps data, and active anti-roll bars. The icing on the cake is the four-wheel steering system, which optimizes agility or stability depending on the travel speed. While the clientele more sporty will appreciate the presence of torque Vectoring – acting on the internal brakes with respect to the curve, it allows a “pivot” effect that amplifies road holding – and of the electronically controlled rear self-locking differential, which maximizes traction by distributing the drive torque on the rear axle in based on tire grip. How does it go in off road? Well, the visiting card in this sense is the 90 centimeters of wading depth and the minimum height from the ground of 28 centimeters (in off-road mode).

The whole range of the Range Rover Sport uses a exchange eight-speed automatic – equipped with reduced – combined with four-wheel drive permanent. Under the hood there are the new 6-cylinder in-line 3-liter mild-hybrid turbodiesel with 250, 300 or 350 hp of maximum power; alternatively, the in-line 6-cylinder 3.0 mild-hybrid turbocharger with 360 or 400 hp or the 4.4-liter and 530 hp twin-turbo petrol V8. The offer also includes two options plug-in hybrids (or rechargeable from an external power source), with the 3-liter petrol engine combined with an electric motor: two power levels, 440 or 510 hp. Powering the electro-propeller is a 38.2 kWh capacity battery, which promises 113 km of autonomy in 100% electric driving mode. And in 2024 the Range Rover Sport is expected 100% electric.

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