Rammstein: There are still tickets for these cities

Tickets are still available for these cities

Till Lindemann and his band Rammstein go on a big stadium tour.

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Tickets for the German Rammstein shows are completely sold out. However, there are still maps for these European cities.

Next Sunday (May 15) the time has come: The big Rammstein stadium tour starts at Letnany Airport in the Czech capital of Prague. The cult band also stops in the German cities of Leipzig, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin. However, tickets for these shows are no longer available in the official presale. But those who would also embark on a small journey for Rammstein are lucky. Tickets for the unforgettable music spectacle are still available in several European cities.

Concerts in Great Britain, France and Sweden

On May 16th Rammstein will play a second concert in Prague. Individual tickets are still available for this date. Till Lindemann and Co. will perform in Cardiff on June 30 – there is still a limited contingent available. Tickets are still available for both concerts in Lyon, France (July 8th and 9th). You can also see Rammstein live in Sweden – the band will be performing in Gothenburg on July 28th. Tickets for all these dates are on the official site of the “Sonne” interpreters available. Buyers will be redirected to the websites of the respective advance booking offices.


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