Ralph Siegel: drug overdose! Music producer admitted to clinic

Ralph Seal
He was hospitalized for an overdose

Ralph Seal

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Great concern for Ralph Siegel! The music producer administered himself too high a dose of painkillers, passed out and had to be hospitalized.

Music producer Ralph Siegel, 77, experienced New Year’s Eve in the hospital. The worrying reason: “a tablet overdose of morphine and cortisone”, as the ESC legend, who is suffering from prostate cancer, now explains to “Bild”.

Ralph Siegel took a double dose of painkillers – and passed out

Actually, Ralph Siegel wanted to “be fit” for his upcoming New Year’s Eve party with friends. However, according to “Bild”, a triple herniated disc bothered him. He then administered his morning and evening doses of morphine and cortisone at the same time “without thinking”. The result: “I fell over like a wet sack,” said Siegel, who then hit his forehead on a pipe.

His wife Lara Käfer, 38, reacted immediately and called the emergency doctor. The composer was hospitalized. But the New Year’s Eve party was not cancelled. Siegel: “I had to stay in the clinic for observation, but I didn’t want to spoil my friends’ New Year’s Eve. We still had contact via cell phone video.” The producer has since been released from the hospital.

Source used: bild.de


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