Rakesh Tikait Chants Allahu Akbar: Kisan Andolan News: manch se Allahu Akbar… What, if you got abuses then called off


  • Video of Kisan Mahapanchayat held in Muzaffarnagar on Sunday is viral
  • The slogan of ‘Allahu Akbar’ was raised from the stage of BQU leader Rakesh Tikait
  • Rakesh Tikait has asked after the controversy, what is the problem with this slogan?

Farmers’ protests against the three agricultural laws of the central government are continuing. Farmers have made their power felt by doing Maha Panchayats in Muzaffarnagar and Karnal. The ruckus has started after the Indian farmers union leader Rakesh Tikait, who is leading the movement, raised the slogan ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. Alam is that after the abuses being received on the phone, he has even switched off his phone. On the whole controversy, Tikait asked what is the problem with this slogan? This slogan is in the constitution of the country. If the government wants, then order that only one slogan will be raised in the country, another slogan will not be raised in India. If we put, then sue us, we will answer in court.

In a conversation with a news channel, Rakesh Tikait said that due to the situation arising in the present time, it seems that the time has come to ban the language in the country? Has such a government come in the country which will now ban slogans as well? This is a matter of concern. Tikait says that everyone has got equal rights in the constitution of the country. In such a situation, it is not right to politicize what slogans someone is raising. Tikait said that the government should obey the demands of the farmers and end the black law.

Simple target without naming BJP

Tikait said that IT cell does not mean to interfere in anyone’s personal life. While not taking the name of BJP, Tikait hinted that at present he is going on 8-day course of Har Har Mahadev and Allah Hu Akbar. Under this, he manipulates the video. This is called digital flirting in a way. Tikait said that everyone has got the right to worship in the Constitution of the country. Here all languages ​​are respected, all castes are respected. But they (BJP) work to break and we work to unite.

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Tikait spoke on the threats received on the phone

Rakesh Tikait said about the threats received on the phone after the slogan of Allah Hu Akbar from the stage, he says that we will show you black flags. On this our answer is that our buffalo and calf are also black. Then they also talk about throwing shoes at us. There is also talk of abusing on the phone. But we are ready to answer all. Tikait said that this country is based on sage and agriculture. If you molest anyone in this, then there will be a stir. In such a situation, we want to say that do not tamper with any of the sages and agriculture. Otherwise we are ready to fight.

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‘We are descendants of Ramchandra ji’
The BQU leader said, ‘We are the descendants of Ramchandra ji and our ancestors are also from Ayodhya. Our slogan was Ram, His is Jai Shri Ram. He changed our Ramchandra ji only. We had the slogan of Ram-Ram. Even our bulls understand the language of Ram and Ram. But now he has become Jayshree Ram. He insisted that we are Raghuvanshi and Ram is ours. Without naming BJP, Tikait said that they are bent on forcibly including Ram in their party. Lord Ram is there and he should not be associated with politics and party.

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