Rakesh Tikait Change His Phone Number As People Start Abusing Him Over Chanting Allah Hu Akbar Claimed BJP IT Cell Shared Number

Rakesh Tikait told that people have been calling him and abusing him since the slogans were raised. He accused the IT cell of making the number public.

Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikat had participated in the farmers’ mahapanchayat held in Muzaffarnagar on September 5. While addressing the people in the panchayat, he had fiercely targeted the BJP. Along with this, Tikait had also raised slogans of Har Har Mahadev and Allah Hu Akbar from the stage. Farmers leaders had come in the limelight for these slogans. On the other hand, in an interview given to ‘Aaj Tak’ on the previous day, he told that since the slogan of ‘Allah Hu Akbar’, he is getting constant calls and people are also abusing him.

Rakesh Tikait told in the interview that he has changed the number. Along with this, the farmer leader also accused the IT cell. Rakesh Tikait was questioned by the reporter that your slogan given in Muzaffarnagar is very much discussed. In this regard, the farmer leader said, “What is the problem with the slogan? These slogans are those which are in the constitution. If we have chanted the slogan wrong then sue us.”

Talking about this, Rakesh Tikait further said, “Slogan bhi hum nahi laga. The question of banning the tongue has not come up in the country, has it? Such governments have not come in the country, which are banning them. The way 10-20 thousand people are calling, abusing and abusing by sharing the video. These people are making the numbers of the whole family public.

Rakesh Tikait further said in the interview, “IT cell does not mean that you will interfere in someone’s privacy. What is ours, we will close the number, take another. We have already changed our number.” Listening to the farmer leader, the reporter asked, “Are you getting calls?” Responding to this, the farmer leader said, “I give it to you, you keep running it on the channel.”

Rakesh Tikait did not stop here. He further said about this, “You keep showing it on your channel, where his name will also come and keep telling people also. Actually his course continues and now the course is running on ‘Har Har Mahadev’ and ‘Allah Hu Akbar’. Cut out some words from it and keep some. The farmer leader questioned, “Is there any slogan banned in the country. Does anyone have the right to live in the country? There is a right in the constitution that whoever performs the rituals of worship, he will be respected. But they do the work of breaking and we do the work of connecting.”

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