Rajgarh News: Gurjar Samaj took out procession on the birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan

Padana (Navdunia News).

The birth anniversary of Lord Shri Devnarayan Ji Maharaj, the adorable god of Gurjar society, was celebrated with pomp in the cities and villages of Sarangpur block on Sunday. On this occasion, a grand procession was taken out by Gurjar Samaj in Padana and Mahaprasad was distributed by performing Maha Aarti at Shri Devnarayan Temple. The procession and walking ceremony of Shri Devnarayan Bhagwan in Padana culminated at the temple located in Devnarayan Colony, passing through the main roads of the city. After the procession, the mass worship of Lord Devnarayan started. In the procession, the people of the society were holding the religious flag in their hands. The journey ended with a dance. In the Shobha Yatra, women and men were dancing and singing amidst the hymns of Lord Devnarayan’s hymns. In the procession, the devotees were chanting with gaiety. The procession was welcomed by public representatives and social workers by putting up stalls at different places. Bhandara was not held for 2 years due to Kovid-19. The Bhandara, which takes place every year on the birth anniversary, has been canceled this year as well.

The people of the society started the running ceremony from Holi Tekra at 11:00 am. The people involved in this were walking with flag marks in their hands, Udai Singh Gurjar. The moving ceremony reached Bhagwan Devnarayan Temple located in Dev Nagar Colony via Patel Mohalla, Gandhi Chowk, Bus Stand. Women were also walking along with a large number of men in the running ceremony. During this, during the aarti of the temple’s Panda Govinda Khati, Kotwal Brijesh Gurjar at 12:00 noon, during the aarti of Lord Devnarayan’s Maha Aarti, hundreds of women and men participated and Prasad was distributed by the people.

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