Rajat Sharma Review On Thalaivi Praises Kangana Ranaut’s film said – the film is worth watching then people started asking such questions

Rajat Sharma told that he has also covered Jayalalithaa as a reporter. In such a situation, he has understood the nuances of this film very well.

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Thalaivi’ has been released recently. The film is getting good response from the audience. At the same time, senior journalist Rajat Sharma has also praised Kangana’s film Thalaivi. After Rajat Sharma saw Kangana’s film, he gave a review of Kangana’s film on social media.

Rajat Sharma meanwhile also told that he has also covered Jayalalithaa as a reporter. In such a situation, he has understood the nuances of this film very well. On the other hand, for Kangana, she said that she is enjoying the role of Jayalalithaa in the film.

Rajat Sharma said- ‘Watched Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Thalaivi’. I have covered Jayalalithaa as a reporter so I can understand the nuances of this film. Kangana has breathed life into the character of Jayalalithaa. The film is worth watching. Seeing Rajat Sharma’s tweet on Kangana’s film, reactions of many people started coming to the fore.

A user named Nikhil Kumar Gupta said- ‘You can show, write so much but don’t think about the student! The form of Railway Group D came in February 2019. Till now the notification about his exam has not come. You only tell the student who is sitting on this form and his age is also coming out, what should he do?

Vinod Kumar Singh wrote – ‘Wah re wah amazing. Today inflation and unemployment have increased beyond the limits in the country, and one of these channels is encouraging people to watch the film! Why would anyone watch a film in such conditions with barely earned money?’

Journalist Chaitanya Deshpande said- ‘Rajat ji, theaters are not even open in Maharashtra yet! The secret of the world’s most popular chief minister is here! A user named Ansari said – ‘It is amazing, people of news media now started doing film promotion too, that too special an actress who is close to BJP, while inflation and unemployment is increasing in the country, earning has become difficult. It is difficult to run the household expenses on the income that is being earned. In such a situation, they are saying, watch the film.

A person named Rohan Dave said- ‘It looks like you are promoting the film. You are a wonderful reporter in the field. You have a lot more to do except movie theaters. You do not see what is happening around you. Inflation, increase in the prices of things! When will you open your mouth to all this? A user named Jahangir wrote – ‘You are asking to see the picture. Or worry about Kangana’s employment.

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