rajasthan news: kota ke mukundra tiger riserve me geparnath ki ghati me 5 yuvak fanse: 5 youths trapped in Geparnath valley of Mukandra Tiger Reserve of Kota


  • Forest Department Tiger Reserve staff rescued five youths
  • Youths were trapped in the inaccessible valley of Geparnath
  • 130 people were trapped in the year 2008, in the year 2020 also 5 people were trapped in the valley

quota. A major accident was averted amid rain in Mukandra Hills Tiger Reserve of Rajasthan. The case is of the 300 feet depth Geparnath valley located in the Borabas range of the reserve. 5 youths who roamed here got stuck in the midst of a strong boom. However, the lives of the five youths were saved due to the understanding of Navneet Sharma, the Borabans ranger of the Forest Department Tiger Reserve. But before the rescue which lasted for 2 hours, everyone’s senses were blown away after seeing life trapped in breath.

In this rescue operation, all the youths were brought out alive. He was sent home. All the youths who were rescued were residents of Kota city. In front of whom was death. Because all the youths were trapped in the valley between the boom of the waterfall falling from a height of 300 feet. The water was flowing with a strong current. Young people were sitting on the rocks.

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The forest workers risked their own lives to get everyone out safely with the help of ropes. Significantly, the Mahadev temple is deep in this valley. People go to visit the temple and have picnics. Here in the year 2008, the stairs leading to the Mahadev temple were broken. At night 130 people were trapped in the valley below. Those who were rescued and taken out the next day. One person had died. In the year 2020 also, 5 people were rescued from the valley after 4 hours of rescue. Here, people did not reach here during the rains. For this, Japta is planted in every rain. At present, 12 people have been installed here. The staff of the forest department is stationed at the block. The question is arising, how did these people reach such an inaccessible place?

Borabans Ranger Navneet Sharma of Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve said. It was 7 people. Went to visit Geparnath Mahadev temple in the valley. 5 youths crossed the drain and went to the other side. Here it rained heavily in the forest. There was a rush of water in the spring. In the valley below, there was a huge boom in the pool of the waterfall. All five people got trapped. When the forest department staff went down the valley while patrolling, two people were seen sitting on the stairs. When he was questioned, it was told that five of his people are trapped in the drain in front. who can’t get out. They are suspected to have flown.

The five youths are sitting on the rocks in the middle of the water after saving their lives. There was a stir in the forest department regarding this matter. After running a rescue operation of 2 hours, the five youths were pulled out. The danger could have increased. The Forest Department rescued the lives of the five youths by getting them out of darkness.

they were trapped
Sanjay Nagar, Ehsan Ali, Satyanarayan Yogi, Kamal Sharma and Raju Verma. All are residents of Kota city. When he was rescued, he breathed a sigh of relief. At night, it would have become a big challenge for the administration to remove the youth from the strong boom, flow and valley of water.
These forest workers saved 5 lives
Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve Borabans Ranger Navneet Sharma Ranger, Forester Surya Dev Singh, Assistant Forester Sarita Meena, Assistant Forester Chandraprakash Meghwal, Forest Department Volunteer Raju Bhil and Border Home Guard, Local Home Guard. (Report- Arjun Arvind)

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