Rajasthan: Amazing video of a strange thief, cheated and stole ₹ 40 lakh cigarette

Ajmer. Often people start their business day by remembering God. By watching this video you will be sure that thieves also start their wrongdoing in the same way. This video is of the theft in Ajmer on Saturday night. In this, the thief first cheated and then carried out the theft. Stole an expensive cigarette worth Rs 40 lakh in the van. The entire incident was captured in the CCTV camera installed there. This theft incident is of Shree Nagar Road of Alwar Gate police station area of ​​Ajmer. Yogendra Singh, the operator of Ashoka Automobiles located on Shree Nagar Road, said that a young man and a child came in a Maruti car late last night. The youth broke the locks with the help of an iron road and entered the warehouse. After this, he first cheated on the counter of the warehouse and then started searching the gully. In which he did not find anything special, but stole the cartoons of expensive cigarettes from the cartoons of cigarettes kept in the warehouse. Putting these cartoons in the car became nine two eleven. Yogendra said that the value of the stolen goods is around Rs 40 lakh. Its complaint has been given to the Alwar Gate police station. The police has started investigating the whole matter.

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