Raipur Local Edit Products being sold in deadly plastic bags in Chhattisgarh

Raipur Local Edit: Raipur. Today every product is found in a plastic bag. From factories to shops and from shops to homes, these bags are turning into garbage and harming the environment. Drains get clogged with its waste. The fertility of the fields decreases. The soil becomes unfit for drinking. Colored plastic bags are causing many incurable diseases including cancer. It is not that people are the result of the damage caused by it. Despite this, people do not hesitate to ask for goods in plastic bags. The reason is clear that when the government imposed a ban on it, the officials issued orders and sat down peacefully.

Plastic bags will be found today from Mount Everest to ocean sediments. Till three decades ago, people used to come out of their homes with bags to get the goods, but today everyone leaves empty handed thinking and sure that the shopkeeper will give the goods in plastic bags. According to a study by the Central Environment Control Board, a person spreads six to seven kg of plastic bags waste in a year. Environmental scientists have identified 20 microns of plastic or thinner products as hazardous to the environment. Such bags, after being buried in the soil, kill the friendly insects of the crops. In the rainy season, these bags block the flow of water in the drains and due to accumulation of water, foul smell comes from them. Rain water does not come out. This fills the streets and roads with water from drains and drains.

Plastic is banned in 19 states including Chhattisgarh in the country. Plastic bags of less than 50 microns are banned in the state, but its effect is not visible. Shopkeepers are giving goods in plastic bags openly, so people are also using it fearlessly. Obviously it is also being produced on a large scale. The capital city faced water-logging in the past few days as drains and drains were clogged with waste from plastic bags.

Orders were issued by the Department of Housing and Environment regarding the ban on plastic products. It said that no industry shall manufacture, store, sell, transport, import and use plastic carry bags, PVC cups, glasses, plates, bowls, spoons, shopkeepers, industries, vendors, wholesalers and retailers. Traders and shopkeepers will have to give an undertaking not to use it on a stamp paper of Rs 100. Despite this, its production and use is being done fearlessly in the state. The administration needs to work on the ground instead of doing paperwork to put a stop to both the levels.

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