“Rainbow Six”: “John Wick” director makes Marvel star the next action grenade

After a first appearance in “Tom Clancy’s Merciless”, Michael B. Jordan returns with “Rainbow Six”. Directed by “John Wick director Chad Stahelski.

With “Tom Clancy’s Merciless” Michael B. Jordan (“Creed – Rocky’s Legacy”) made his debut as John Kelly, later John Clark, in the cinematic universe of best-selling author Tom Clancy. In the midst of the corona pandemic, the action thriller by director Stefano Sollima (“Sicario 2”) was produced by Paramount Pictures, but was released as a streaming premiere by Amazon Prime Video at the end of April 2021.

With such success, there has always been talk of a sequel based on the next literary effort for with John Clark in focus. This should be known to gaming fans in particular: “Rainbow Six”, published in Germany under the title “Operation Rainbow”. What is special about this novel, published in 1998, is the fact that Clancy planned it from the start as a cross-media project together with a tactical shooter. Development was handled by Clancy’s buddy Doug Littlejohns and his team at Red Storm Entertainment, a studio co-founded by Clancy.

You can get the novel “Rainbow Six” as an audio book via Audible

The novel and the computer game were published in August 1998, just two weeks apart. The success of the tactical shooter in particular ensured a whole franchise that still exists today. Now back to the movie: how The Hollywood Reporters reports, said sequel has received the green light from Paramount Pictures for production with a planned theatrical release in mind. Rainbow Six is ​​a strong brand and title, and regardless of having seen Tom Clancy’s Merciless, this action thriller should have potentially strong appeal for action-oriented audiences.

So it goes without saying that directing can only be entrusted to an absolute professional. And that’s what the studio got in the form of Chad Stahelski, director of the insanely fast-paced “John Wick” movies starring Keanu Reeves. Jordan, whom Marvel fans may know as the killmonger from Black Panther and Johnny Storm from Fantastic Four, will once again be on the field as John Clark.

Chad Stahelski is coming soon with “John Wick: Kapitel 4” (German theatrical release on March 23, 2023) is in theaters, while Jordan made his directorial debut with Creed III (out June 10th). March 2, 2023 in German cinemas). We will show you what other cinema highlights await you in 2023 in the Video.

This is the plot of “Rainbow Six”

The plot of the upcoming “Rainbow Six” action film is still under wraps, but one can assume that those responsible should be able to orientate themselves on the template. And that’s exactly what could be interesting, because this is quite up to date.

In Tom Clancy’s thriller, John Clark is chosen to lead an entirely new anti-terrorist unit, which also includes Domingo Chavez and Alistair Stanley. Soon, the Rainbow troupe is dealing with an increasing number of terrorist attacks worldwide. It turns out they are all part of a plan by fanatical environmentalists to wipe out most of the human race by unleashing a deadly virus. A variant of the same virus disguised as a vaccine should then do the rest. That must not happen. And only Rainbow is able to save the world.

Given the recent coronavirus pandemic and the conspiracy theories surrounding it, Paramount is likely to make some changes to avoid potential faux pas.

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