Rain of tributes to Nancy Pelosi, the most accomplished parliamentarian in the United States Congress

“Her carefully calculated departure reflects the sway she has maintained over House Democrats for decades, rarely ceding control to her colleagues, tolerating little dissent and leaving little to chance.” It’s the New York Times who says it after Nancy Pelosi82 and a major figure in American politics, announced Thursday to renounce the post of leader of the Democrats in the future House of Representatives, where the Republicans finally obtained the majority.

This, during a speech delivered in the hemicycle where she said she wanted to make way for “a new generation”. Desire for rejuvenation hailed by the Los Angeles Times. President, Joe Biden, immediately paid tribute to himreferring to her as a “staunch defender of democracy”, say press agencies. For the American press, it is therefore “a historic page that is turned”, according to International mail.

To applause, she recalled the memories of her 35 years in the House, which she saw evolve to be “more representative of our beautiful nation”. Nancy Pelosi, the first woman to occupy the lower house roost, also spoke about the darker times, like the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. “American democracy is majestic, but it is fragile,” she warned.

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Nancy Pelosi maintained the suspense over her withdrawal until the end, taking home two different versions of her speech. She will continue to sit in the House, as simply elected from California – with 83.9% of the vote against her Republican opponent! “She will be remembered as one of the most accomplished parliamentarians in American history, pushing boundaries and working to serve Americans,” former Democratic President Barack Obama tweeted:

“Thank you for everything you have done for America”, greeted Hakeem Jeffries, elected from New York and tipped to succeed him as head of the Democrats in the House, who welcomed the end of his speech with a long ovation, the Democrats on their feet, many Republicans absent. “The Pelosi era is coming to an end. Good riddance!” for her part, tweeted the elected trumpist of Colorado Lauren Boebert, because “rarely has an elected representative to Congress aroused so much praise among her people and incredible hatred among her opponents”, writes The world:

On another note, even the wall street journal, whose editorials are generally unkind to Democrats, acknowledges that “Republicans who disagree with Ms. Pelosi on virtually everything can learn from her how to wield power effectively.” The most powerful speaker of recent decades, […] with a narrow majority in the House, a situation in which the Republicans find themselves today, […] managed to pass an ambitious program for Joe Biden”.

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The third figure in the American state, she is also best known for her role as the first opponent of Donald Trump, whom she fiercely fought when he occupied the White House. A tactician gifted with an unparalleled political flair, she often made rain or shine on Capitol Hill, where she was elected speaker from 2007.

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“His legislative triumphs, spanning four presidencies, are monumental,” writes the Washington Post. “To start with Obamacare: Pelosi succeeded in persuading House Democrats to accept the best possible bill taking into account what the Senate would be willing to pass, rather than demanding ideal legislation that had no chance of being passed by Congress. She had also “supervised the passage of emblematic laws under the presidencies of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as well as two trials in impeachment of Donald Trump, in 2019 and 2021”:

She had a good schooling in politics with a father, Thomas D’Alesandro, former mayor of Baltimore – who taught her to count votes and lobby her colleagues to win

And then, let us also remember this end of January 2019, when, in disagreement over the construction of the famous wall supposed to seal the border with Mexico, Republicans and Democrats violently clashed under the Trump presidency, who persisted “in wanting to allocate 5.7 billion dollars from the national budget to his project ”, which the Democrats were obviously opposed to. The leader of this opposition then recorded “an important victory”, wrote the Corriere del Ticino: “[Trump a été] subdued by the combativeness and stubbornness of Nancy Pelosi, […] determined to restore her party’s influence after its victories in the midterm elections.” She represented, in short, “the biggest problem” of the tycoon, in the eyes of the FinancialTimes.

In recent months, it’s his commitment to Taiwan who caused a lot of talk: his visit this summer to the island claimed by the Chinese authorities had angered Beijing. And at the end of October, her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked in the middle of the night at their home in California by a man armed with a hammer. He was actually looking for Nancy Pelosi, whom he accused of lying and whose kneecaps he intended to “break”. The drama marked the Democrat, who said she was “traumatized”. At the start of her speech on Thursday, she also had a word for her husband, “beloved partner” and “support”.

Just before the November 8 election, she said the attack would influence her decision whether or not to retire if the Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives. This is what happened on Wednesday evening, after more than a week of a suspense count as the complex American electoral system knows how to create the conditions. In the end, the Republicans grabbed a majority of at least 218 seats which, although very narrow, will give them blocking power over Joe Biden’s policy until 2024.

The Press Quebecer said recently that some politicians were “no longer able to see the colleague or the woman behind the Democrat whom the Republican Party and its media allies have demonized for two decades. Demonization that is sometimes literal, with Pelosi being portrayed with horns or red eyes in some posters. Demonization which has led in recent years to the arrest of several men suspected of wanting to assassinate him.

And to continue with this historical comparison: “In another era, the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts Ted Kennedy held this role of pet peeve par excellence among the Republicans. He embodied everything conservatives hated about liberals (or progressives), including an unwavering belief in the role of government in helping those less fortunate.” Today, the hard right can “all the more easily caricature her because she lives in San Francisco, bastion of the American left, and enjoys a great fortune thanks to her marriage to the boss of a company of advice and investment in real estate and in venture capital.

Anyway, conclude The world, “the new House, without Nancy Pelosi at the gavel, promises to be conflicting”.

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