Raigarh News: Youths rescued 21 cattle from the possession of smugglers, handed over 1 accused to the police

Pathalgaon,Naiduniya News. In a case of cow smuggling, 21 cattle have been rescued from the possession of smugglers. In this, some youth of the city have shown courage and have succeeded in freeing the cattle from the possession of the smugglers. According to the information, the smugglers fled leaving the cattle behind. At the same time, one of his henchmen got caught in the hands of the youth. Questions are also being raised about the role of the police in the case. It is said that the police was not showing interest in this. However, the police had to intervene after the intervention of Shekhar Tripathi, a member of the Gauseva Commission. Along with the cattle, the accused have also been handed over to the police by the people.

It is noteworthy that Charkhapara cattle market near Pathalgaon has been a major center for cattle smuggling for years. Hundreds of thousands of cattle are taken to slaughterhouses in Jharkhand, Bihar and Bengal from this market held every Monday. On this Monday too, cattle in a herd were being taken towards Jashpur by smugglers. Where there were many old cattle in the herd, many cubs and pregnant cows were also included in this. It is said that many cattle were also injured by the smugglers. They were being taken from the interior areas of Raigad Road to protect them from public view. Where some youths of the city, including Nitesh Singhal, caught sight of them. Seeing the children and cows as well as the injured cattle being beaten mercilessly and driven away, the youths tried to stop the smugglers and they started pushing the cattle more and more quickly. Seeing this, the youths did not take long to understand the situation and they started chasing the smugglers. Through Raigad road, the smugglers took the cattle to Puran Talab on Jashpur Road. While chasing the smugglers, the youth also reached here. During this, realizing the situation, the main accused left the motorcycle on the spot and ran away, after which the people driving the cattle also started running here and there. But one of these accused got caught by the people. It is said that the youths reported the matter to the police, but surprisingly the attitude of the police was seen in this regard. On this, he apprised Shekhar Tripathi, member of Chhag Gauseva Commission, about the whole matter. On which Shri Tripathi informed the higher officials of the police about the incident. After which some police personnel reached the spot on the instructions of Superintendent of Police Vijay Aggarwal. Here the youths handed over the cattle and one accused to the police. Veterinarians were called to the police station and health check-up of the cattle was done. According to the information, there are 7-8 cubs in the 21 cattle seized as well as many cows, out of which one is also pregnant. After health check-up, all the cattle have been sent to Gauthan in Sureshpur for care. At the same time, a similar case came to light in the evening in which some cattle were rescued from the possession of smugglers on the initiative of a youth named Surat Rohilla. It is being told that a youth resident of Jharkhand has also been handed over to the police in this case. The FIR has not yet been registered by the police in the matter but this matter remains a matter of discussion in the entire city. Efforts were made to contact the station in-charge on phone several times for information regarding the situation but he did not receive the call.

Police attitude in disputes

The smuggling of cattle from the cattle market and the attitude of the police regarding it has been in the midst of controversies for a long time. It is worth mentioning that Pathalgaon is the first police station for Charkhapara situated on the border of Raigad and Jashpur districts. No person coming from Charkhapara can proceed towards Jashpur without crossing the Pathalgaon police station area. In such a situation, the role of Pathalgaon police station becomes very important in this matter. But even after this, cattle smuggling through here continues uninterrupted for a long time. It is not that this topic has come up for the first time. From time to time the media has been raising these things prominently. Apart from this, many media persons themselves have been trying to stop it by informing the police. But the surprising thing is that even after the information, the police do not reach the spot or even if they reach, then till a long time the smugglers cross the limits of the police station. In view of the situation, questions have been raised on the role of Pathalgaon police, but due to no action, it seems that the higher officials are also not interested in its prevention.

Will talk in commission

Shekhar Tripathi, a member of the Gauseva Aayog, has expressed serious concern about the smuggling of cattle from the Pathalgaon area. He said that the cattle market is operated for the convenience of the farmers of the area. But it has also come to their notice that cow dung is being smuggled from here to other states including Jharkhand. They say that Pathalgaon is the main police station of the area and the police should stop smuggling. Congratulating the youth for Monday’s incident, Mr. Tripathi said that he has discussed it with the police officers and asked them to stop smuggling. On the question of police not showing enough interest to stop smuggling, he said that this situation will also be discussed in the commission. He will invite the Chairman and other members of the Commission to come here and see the situation. Shri Tripathi said that the Chhattisgarh government under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is committed to protect cow. Narva-Garwa-Ghurva-Bari scheme is an innovative step taken in this direction. And along with the commission, every effort will be made to prevent the smuggling of cow progeny through the administration by taking the common people along.

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