Raigarh News: Two officers of panel department suspended for giving wrong signal to BR

Raigarh (Naiduniya Representative)

Due to wrong signal of BR fast passenger coming from Bilaspur to Raigarh, it started moving to another track, but the train was stopped due to the understanding of the loco pilot. Following this incident, the officer who gave the single and cleared the track at Raigad station has been suspended.

It may be mentioned that BR Raigarh Bilaspur MEMU got wrong signal due to negligence of station panel officers on Friday, due to which BR train went to another line instead of going to its designated platform. However, due to the low steed of the train, the train was stopped by the loco pilot after going some distance.

The same train was brought back on its designated line. However, it was fortunate that at that time no other train was coming on the said track, otherwise a big accident could have happened. After getting information about this, the team of railway lieutenants from Bilaspur to Raigad; Arrived and after investigating the matter, prepared the report at around 10 pm and returned to Bilaspur. It is being told that in this case the station Dev Narayan, SB Prasad has been suspended by taking action against (signal giver). However, this has not been confirmed by the station manager. But Raigad has become a round of discussions among railway employees.

Team of officers reached from Bilaspur

When the officials of Bilaspur came to know about this incident, immediately the team of officers from there Raigarh; After reaching here late in the evening, the officials started investigating the matter.

Prima facie negligence has been exposed. After preparing the same report, at around 10 pm, Gitanjali Express left for Bilaspur.

could have been a big accident

At the time when BR passenger reached Raigad platform, the entire line was empty, as well as no train was coming from front and back. Had a train come, a big accident could have happened.

If a train had come on the said track, then hundreds of people on board the train could have lost their lives. This cannot be denied. The same thing was realized by the people after getting down and behind the train, after which there was fear in their face.

PK Raut, Station Manager

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