Raigarh News: Three workers died after being buried in a cello tank accident in Sky Alloys

Raigad (Representative of New Zealand). Three workers have died after a cello tank collapsed in the Sky Alloys factory located in Temtema village of Kharsia area. Some people got injured there. After the incident, a large number of police forces have been dispatched from Raigarh to Kharsia in view of the tension situation in the plant and the surrounding area.

According to the information, the workers working there were hit by the collapse of the cello tank at Sky Alloys located in Temtema village at 11 am on Sunday, due to which Munilal Ram (40) father Motichand Ram village Bania Chhapar police station Katia district Gopalganj Bihar, Yadram. (25) The bodies of both father Laxman Sarathi village Temtema police station Kharsia were found buried under the rubble, the same laborer Basant Yadav is trapped in the cells. The one who has died. At the same time, the situation of two laborers Shiv Jaiswal village Pirda district Janjgir Champa, Bachha Prasad district Chapra Bihar remains critical. Those who have been admitted to a private hospital for treatment. As soon as the information about the incident was received, Kharsia police reached the spot and trying to rescue the workers trapped under the debris. On getting information about the incident, Additional Superintendent of Police Abhishek Verma also reached the spot. It is feared that the number of injured in this accident may increase further. When the cello tank fell here, many workers were busy in their work. The people of the area are outraged after this incident. In view of the tension situation here, additional police force has been sent from Raigarh to Kharsia.

Administration and manager do not take lessons from accident

Raigarh has started developing as an industrial hub. Here hundreds of small and big industries are established in every corner of the district. Due to various reasons, small and big accidents happen inside and outside the industry, people have to pay the brunt of it with their lives. Is.

Stressful condition inside and outside the plant

As soon as the villagers got the news of the death of a local laborer and injuries to some in the accident, they gathered outside the plant in large numbers and tried to enter the plant. In view of this, a police force has been deployed here.


The cello tank at Sky Alloys suddenly collapsed in the morning, killing three on the spot. The two injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment. The bodies of two workers who were buried under the rubble have been retrieved. While the body of the third worker is being trapped in the tank, efforts are being made to retrieve it.

Abhishek Verma, Additional Superintendent of Police


The accident has been reported at the plant. Two technical workers and a contract laborer have died. Action will be taken after investigation in the whole matter.

Manish Srivastava, Assistant Director, Industry Safety and Health Department


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