Raigarh News: The fate of the protected tribes lit up with solar energy

Vishwanath Rai/Raigad (New Dunia). Most of the area of ​​Dharamjaigarh tehsil of Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh is Vananchal. Pando, Birhor and other protected tribes majority in remote villages, the forest dwellers were away from agriculture and lived on the basis of forest produce. There is no electricity supply in Para Tola of these villagers. Now the village has been illuminated under solar energy by CREDA (Chhattisgarh Renewable Energy Development Agency) in Birhor Samaj Bahuly village Khalbora. Solar pumps have been installed for irrigation facility. The people of the tribal society are now enriching their fortune by growing horticultural crops including food grains.

The village of Khalbora is situated between the forest and the mountains. About 25 families of the Birohar tribe are residing here. Three years ago, due to the lack of electrification in the village, on the initiative of the government-administration, solar energy started spreading floodlights in the houses and on the roads. Meanwhile, CREDA was given the responsibility about one and a half years ago to connect these families with the mainstream livelihood. Under this, solar pumps have been installed for irrigation in the fields of the beneficiaries of four protected Birhor families. Due to this irrigation has started bringing greenery in the fields. The four families have now started growing horticulture crops along with food grains. Seeing them, four other people have also applied for installation of solar pumps. CREDA’s district in-charge Ranjit Yadav informed that since the year 2017, 2,663 irrigation pumps have been installed across the district. In the current year, 368 pumps have been installed. Its benefits are also visible in the people of the protected tribes. There are plans to install solar pumps in many more remote areas.

block install pump

Dharamjaygarh 976

Raigarh 215

sarangad 99

Barmekela 99

Kharsia 190

Gharghoda 201

Lailunga 511

Pushaur 94

tamnar 278

total 2663

This is how solar system works

There are 16 plates in the solar pump. It rotates with the rays of the sun. This gives power of 5 kVA, which generates energy in DC and AC from the panel controller in the VFD plate. After this the energy is converted into AC. It is connected to a 5 HP motor. The sun’s rays pass through the solar panel and send the energy directly to the motor and emit electricity. According to CREDA, it has the capacity to dispense 12 liters of water in a second.


The plan was told in the gram sabha, which inspired them. There was a fear in my mind that there would be many kinds of troubles. Now seeing the benefits of solar pump after joining agriculture.

Guddu Manjhi, Irrigation Pump Birhor Beneficiary, Village Khalbora


Our village is a protected settlement. We used to live on forest produce and other means. Now greens are grown by bringing vegetable seeds from the market. With the advent of irrigation pumps, the income has increased in the household.

Atmanand Baiga, Irrigation Pump Birhor Beneficiary, Village Khalbora


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