Raigarh News: Bloody clash between class 12 students in Natwar school

Raigad (Representative of New Zealand). The ink of Rambhanta school student’s murder case is not dry, here in the biggest Natwar school of the district, two groups of students studying in class 12th, a knife-it-stone, punch has come to the fore in which the case of a student being bled has come to the fore. . The news of the bloody conflict in the school has created a stir in the district from the school management to the general public and parents.

According to the information, on September 10, around 1.30 pm, a group of students of Rajiv Nagar Kotra Road, studying with him, a minor student living in Tendudipa Devarpara Ward No. Alam was that in the midst of the fight, the friend of the student of Rajiv Nagar on the other side also came to the school. Where the young man started beating. In which some people had a punch in their hand and a knife was kept. The student was bled due to this assault. After the same assault, the bunch of youth and the students fled, after which the bloody student called his father and apprised him of the whole incident. Where his father came to school with neighbors and relatives, took the injured child to the hospital for treatment, after which after first aid, the student’s father gave a written application to the Kotwali police station and informed about the incident. The students studying in the school were frightened by this incident. However, after a few hours of applying for the incident of bloody conflict in the school, the parents of both the parties came and made a mutual reconciliation. Pie.

Arrived with outside boys to gang up: According to information received from school and police sources, outsiders are also being told to come to carry out the incident of assault. In such a situation, this fight became like a gang war. If such an incident has happened, then it is definitely a matter of concern. However, questions are being raised about the safety in the school, while the parents are worried about their parents.

6 students suspended for 15 days: After this bloody struggle, the school teacher made the school principal aware of the whole incident. After which the parents of 6 students of 12th arts were called as soon as it was known, where 6 students have been suspended for 15 days after giving strict explanation to all the students and their families. It is being told that this last warning has also been given to him.

The fight took place outside the school. The outside boys who were driven out by me were all young men who were also intoxicated. Some students ran away after seeing me and some started misbehaving. One student was injured in the assault. Everyone’s parents have been called by the Pracharya.

-Rakesh Dubey, Lecturer, Natwar School.

There was a fight of school students outside the school in which 12th class students were involved. Parents of 6 students have been called and suspended for 15 days after giving strict instructions. We have demanded the deployment of guards and policemen for security. The reason for the fight between the brothers is not known. Children should stay away from such activities and intoxicants, in which parents should also be monitored.

-V K Rathia, Principal Natwar School.

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