Raigarh News: Amrit rain for dry paddy crop

Raigad (Representative of New Zealand). In the month of Sawan, the effect of the treachery of rain had started falling on the paddy crop growing in the fields, but for the first time in the month of Bhado, there is rain of relief. Intermittent rain in the area has caused water and water everywhere. Roads, streets, potholes and farm-barns in the city and rural areas have been flooded. Happiness in the faces of farmers by becoming nectar rain that rained in Bhado

has brought

Due to such rains after a long time, the faces of all sections along with the farmers have blossomed. At the same time, there is good inflow of water in all the dams of the district. It had started raining since the morning of September 11, as the sun rose, the sky also became sunny.

But after the afternoon, the mood of the weather changed again, dark clouds started pouring in and rain started raining all over the district including Raigad city. For the same hours, there was thunder and good rain, due to which there was water and water in the area.

It may be mentioned that due to lack of rain, the paddy crop was scorching due to drought, so this rain is on the lines of nectar rain. According to the farmers, the paddy crop needs maximum water during this time, which has been fulfilled by the rains of Bhado month. Due to which the faces of the farmers have blossomed again.

Working people equipped with rain protection umbrella raincoat: Due to good rains in Bhado, the farmers’ fields have also been flooded. Due to this intermittent rain throughout the day, normal life was affected throughout the day. Working people wearing umbrellas and raincoats reached the office and shop in the morning. Many people got stuck in the rain. It rained intermittently from morning till late evening, due to which people were upset, but this problem was overcome in front of the heat and humidity of the sun and felt relief.

The district recorded an average rainfall of 755.5 mm.

Raigarh in current rainy season; The district has recorded an average rainfall of 755.5 mm till September 10. The district has received an average rainfall of 13.5 mm in the last 24 hours. According to the information received from the Land Records Branch, so far Raigad of the district; 784 mm in Tehsil, 887.1 in Pusaur, 685.4 in Kharsia, Sarangarh; 780.1 in, Barmekela 631.5, Gharghoda 762.1, Tamnar 653.6, Lailunga 780.2 and Dharamjaygarh; The tehsil has recorded 835.2 mm of rainfall. According to departmental information, this figure may increase further by late evening.

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