Rai hunts Montesano from “Dancing with the Stars”: “It is unacceptable to wear a t-shirt that evokes a dark page in our history”

The decision came in the late afternoon and after a full day of controversy: Rai decided to exclude Enrico Montesano from “Dancing with the Stars”after the images in which he wears a t-shirt with the symbol and motto of the Xa Flotilla Masparamilitary training fascist. “What happened last night is unacceptable“, Reads the note released by Viale Mazzini. “It remains inadmissible that a competitor of a television program of the service public you wear a T-shirt that evokes one of the darkest pages of our history “.

Montesano justified himself by saying that he has a lot of T-shirts: “I’m a collector,” he said. “I have that of Mao, of the USSRbut that doesn’t mean I share his opinion. I am deeply sorry and embittered for what happened. There was no intention in me to promote political messages or apology for fascism from which I am profoundly distant ”. He also declared himself a “free man and democratic” who believes in the values ​​of the Constitution. “It was naive – he wrote on his profile Facebook the actor who from 1994 to 1996 was a member of the European Parliament in the ranks of Pds -. I have nothing to do with Nazi-fascism and all totalitarianisms and I deeply despise them”.

Montesano’s exclusion from the broadcast was welcomed, among others, by theAnpi. The National Partisan Association of Italy had asked immediately the exclusion of the comedianauthor of a “shame that offends the victims of crime Nazi-fascist and the Resistance, root of the Republic”. At the news of the cancellation of the Roman cabaret artist’s participation from the program, he commented on Twitter: “One decision dutiful which has received the indignation of many, many democrats and anti-fascists “.

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