Rai chases Montesano from Dancing with the stars: ‘The shirt that evokes a dark page is unacceptable’. The reply: ‘The production knew it’

The decision came in the late afternoon and after a full day of controversy: Rai decided to exclude Enrique Montesano from “Dancing with the Stars”after the images in which he wears a t-shirt with the symbol and motto of the Xa Flotilla Masparamilitary training fascist. “What happened last night is unacceptable“, Reads the note released by Viale Mazzini. “It remains inadmissible that a competitor of a television program of the service public you wear a T-shirt that evokes one of the darkest pages of our history “.

Montesano justified himself by saying that he has a lot of T-shirts: “I’m a collector,” he said. “I have that of Mao, of the USSR, but not for this reason I share the thought. I am deeply sorry and embittered for what happened. There was no intention in me to promote political messages or apology for fascism from which I am profoundly distant ”. He also declared himself a “free man and democratic”Who believes in the values ​​of the Constitution. “It was naive – he wrote on his profile Facebook the actor who from 1994 to ’96 was an MEP in the ranks of Pds -. I have nothing to do with Nazi-fascism and all totalitarianisms and I deeply despise them”.

But faced with Rai’s decision, Montesano decides to involve the lawyers: “I have given a mandate to the lawyer Giorgio Assumma, together with my agent Settimio Colangelo, to examine the situation, for protect my best identity personal and mine good repute“He wrote on Facebook. “I declare my absolute good wedding ring – he continues – and I remember being a left-wing parliamentarian, in line with my political faith which certainly cannot be compared to the fascist one ”. Then the clarification on the choice of Viale Mazzini: “The shirt I wore was viewed by representatives of Rai both during my rehearsal of the artistic performance and during the recording of the same, without any objection. I would add that the material edited and then broadcast was further examined by Rai representatives who did not in the least doubt the regularity and legitimacy of the images”.

Montesano’s exclusion from the broadcast was welcomed, among others, by theAnpi. The National Partisan Association of Italy had asked immediately the exclusion of the comedianauthor of a “shame that offends the victims of crime Nazi-fascist and the Resistance, root of the Republic”. At the news of the cancellation of the Roman cabaret artist’s participation from the program, he commented on Twitter: “One decision dutiful which has received the indignation of many, many democrats and anti-fascists “.

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