rahul gandhi tried to revive congress during jammu tour and said visiting this place is like coming to home

Rahul Jammu Tour: During his two-day visit to Jammu, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi tried to revive the Congress and boosted the morale of the workers of the state. Recalling the old relationship of Jammu and Kashmir on Friday, Rahul Gandhi said that whenever I come to Jammu and Kashmir, I feel that I have come home. My family has an old relationship with Jammu and Kashmir. Rahul encouraged the party workers by shouting ‘Jai Mata Di’. In his address, he targeted the BJP-RSS and said that I am happy to be here, but there is also sadness. The reason for the sadness is that the RSS and BJP are working to break the spirit of brotherhood here.

The meaning of ‘hand’ explained to the workers

In his address, he said that people say that hand sign means blessing, but it does not mean blessing. It means don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid to speak the truth, that’s why this symbol is the symbol of Congress party. And BJP is afraid of the truth. BJP creates fear for people whereas Congress creates love. He said that when he met Kashmiri Pandit delegation in the morning, he said that BJP has not done anything for us, but Congress has done a lot for us.

In his address, Rahul also took a jibe at the media. First he addressed the media with the word friends, then said that I have addressed the word friends, but they do not act like friends. They do the work of their friends, not the work of our friends. On this occasion, Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said that some people of Jammu had hope from the BJP-PDP government at one time. But today there is no one who is not worried. What is the situation in Jammu and Kashmir today, it is in front of everyone. Today it has been 7 years of development, but nothing happened.

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