Rafael Zulu tells how Neymar’s head is in the Cup: “Dedicated to the sixth”

personal friend of Neymar about 10 years ago, the actor Rafael Zuluwho is part of the Board 一 a group of peers of the star player that includes other celebrities such as the surfer Gabriel Medina and the volleyball player Bruno Rezende 一, said that Neymar is focused and dedicated to bringing the sixth championship.

“I really hope that he can bring this cup to us. (For him, the crowd is) a motivation. People who know him closely know how much he is immersed, dedicated and with that in his head. I believe (that he will be successful)”, bet the artist, according to the column by Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo.

Rafael added: “As a Brazilian, while in love with the sport and with this friend, I am sure he will bring the sixth. My fans are for him to take off in this Cup”, he continued.

For Rafael, the PSG player will stand out because of “his differentials”.

“My fans are for him to put into practice everything that is inside his head. Because he is a genius. Genius when he manages to put it into practice, we see that the world changes. So, he is perhaps one of the only athletes with the possibility of changing a game, of changing the history of a game through intelligence, creativity, skill, through teamwork. He’s a guy who plays for the group. And this is a team sport. In collective sports, when there is someone as brilliant as him who still plays for the group, we can already imagine the result”, he added.

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