Rafa Kalimann is nervous when he notices a drone in his house: "Neighbors, don’t be such a nuisance."

During this morning, the former BBB and presenter Rafa Kalimann took the opportunity to enjoy her pets in the pool and shared the moment of happiness in her Instagram Stories.

However, what she did not expect is that, after her relaxing moment, she became nervous when she realized that a drone was flying over her house. “I preferred to turn off the audio because I was very uncomfortable. But please, neighbors, don’t be such an inconvenience. I was really scared with it very close to my bedroom window at first”, she began by sharing a video of the object flying.

“You have no idea how scared I was. I’m glad I decided to leave the bathroom wearing a towel today! I’m mad. I got such a scare with this thing in the mouth of my window”, continued the new presenter of ” BBB network” after getting out of the shower.

Rafa also commented on how he feels when he is with his pets. “I’m different when I’m around them, I overload myself with pure energy. The trust, innocence, lack of interest, the fact that I dedicate myself to living something with them for even a few minutes, disconnects me from the material, from the unreal”, she said. “It’s like going into a meditation. It makes me focus on letting them feel my love without understanding my words, just making my intentions evident. As well as simple acts (like trusting me his fear of being in the pool and then relax) make me reflect on what it’s really like to love and let yourself be loved”, added the presenter.

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