Rafa Brites undergoes triple surgery and encourages women: “Don’t suffer in silence”

the presenter Rafael Brites35 years old, used Instagram to tell that he is recovering from three surgeries 一 done simultaneously 一 to remove gallstones, hemorrhoids and also an umbilical hernia.

On the social network, she explained that she decided to talk about the subject on the condition of being the “friend who speaks” to try to encourage other women not to remain silent in the face of these and other perrengues:

“I am recovering from surgery. Three actually. I was in doubt about sharing it here on Insta so as not to expose myself because I know about the sensationalist calls that websites love to make. But I have a commitment and a tradition here on the networks of talking about hidden agendas, bringing my experience to inspire women to live better”, she began.

Rafa added: “Today I removed the gallbladder, hemorrhoids and an umbilical hernia. The surgery lasted 3 hours, general anesthesia and everything, I had a good day despite knowing that the post op is punk, ”she continued.

The artist explained that the stones she had in her gallbladder were small, but she decided to operate so that the problem did not become something bigger.

“The stones I had were very small and there was a risk of them migrating and me having pancreatitis and having to operate in a hurry. Can not go for trips in remote places. I was also very nauseous”, she explained.

The presenter continued talking about hemorrhoids, which appeared after Rocco’s birth and worsened after Leon’s pregnancy:

“I had the hemorrhoids for the first time after 20 hours of labor with Rocco, but soon after I recovered, now with Leon’s pregnancy there was no way out. He would go through this, crisis, medication, he would get better, but all it took was a lot of effort, jumping, standing, long walks… he would come back. Everyone says it’s one of the worst post-op pains, jeez!”, she said.

women suffer in silence


In the post, Rafa said that she was shocked to discover that many women choose to face similar problems in silence:

“I removed the hernia as the laparoscopy was done. In the meantime, I was commenting with friends what I was going to do, I was shocked how many women suffer from these problems, and others, in the postpartum period, such as pee leak, pain in intercourse, sexual intercourse, candidiasis, etc, etc, “he added.

“But what caught my attention the most is that they suffer in silence. They don’t talk to their own friends. So I came here to be your friend who comments and then I’ll talk about how it turned out. For now, I want to encourage everyone to take care of their health, well-being, and take preventive exams (I found out about stones that way). I am here happy to always be brave and grateful for the opportunity to be well cared for, pampered by my family and protected by the Goddesses ”, she added.

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