Radim Fiala alias Dr. Hanák from Ordinace: Viewers are afraid he will die

As if it wasn’t enough that they recently declared Čestmír Mázl alias dead Petr Rychlý (56). Now Dr. Hanák also has a torch. He underwent surgery right after the accident, but in yesterday his complications occurred in his state of health. Hanak’s heart began to fail. Can he handle another difficult operation? Will she wake up from a coma? And will it survive at all? His representative refuses to divulge anything.

Exciting moments in the Surgery in the Rose Garden 2: Fight for Petr Hanák’s life!

“I understand that the audience is afraid of Hanák. But he has already survived somewhere – twice malaria, exotic fever, several gunshot wounds and other injuries on the verge of death, “said Aha! Radim Fiala. Concerns that his serial character would die, but did not dispel at all, on the contrary. He just told the audience that … “They should be worried not only if Hanák will survive, but if he will continue to be the way he was. Or maybe the creators have prepared some completely different surprises for the audience, “he tensions the fans of the Surgery.

Does it look like 80? The charismatic doctor Hanák from the Surgery Radim Fiala (50) was shocked by the change!

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