Racism in Reims-Brest, the LFP intends to strike hard

Sunday afternoon, the Reims-Brest match was marked by a case of racism against the Algerian international Youcef Belaïli.

A dark history of racism has shaken the Stade de Reims since the match against Brest on Sunday at the Auguste-Delaune stadium. While the Algerian international Youcef Belaïli was going to strike a penalty, racist insults were pronounced against the neo-Brestois. “He’s an Arab, he’s an Arab. They piss us off. Long live Eric Zemmour » can we hear in particular from a spectator present at the Auguste-Delaune stadium on a video published on social networks. An intolerable event in the eyes of the Professional Football League, which has every intention of shedding light on this affair. The LFP Disciplinary Committee thus confirmed in an official press release that it had taken up this burning issue. For its part, RMC reveals that the League is fully aware of the major issues of this problem for its image, and therefore takes the situation very seriously, with the desire to gather the facts, to unearth all possible evidence before deciding.

The LFP gets involved in the Belaïli file

“The Disciplinary Committee of the LFP decides to put the file under investigation. The decision will be made at the end of the session on Wednesday March 9, 2022 during which the instructor will submit his report. can we read on the official website of the LFP after the meeting of the disciplinary committee on Wednesday evening. Pending the final decision on March 9, Brest and Reims continue to work together with the aim of identifying the spectators concerned by this nauseating affair. “Stade Brestois 29 and Stade de Reims have taken note of the testimony on social networks of a spectator recounting possible racist remarks made against player Youcef Belaïli. Stade Brestois 29 joins Stade de Reims in strongly condemning the comments relayed, if however they prove to have been made. Unspeakable comments, which have no place in a football stadium or in any other place in our society. indicated in a joint press release the clubs of Brest and Reims at the beginning of the week.

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