Rachkov’s mother squatted, finally accepting the young daughter-in-law

Rachkov’s mother squatted, finally accepting the young daughter-in-law

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09 January 2022, 14:00

Dimitar Rachkov finally managed to persuade his mother to accept his new wife into the family – playmate Anita Dimitrova. The two ladies spent the holidays under one roof, Weekend wrote. They gathered at the actor’s house in Tvarditsa, where the whole family of the star was. With them was Rachkov’s son – Mitko Jr., who celebrated with his young stepmother instead of his mother – screenwriter Christina Apostolova, and her current partner – producer Evtim Miloshev.Rachkov’s house in Tvarditsa was littered with people during the holidays. The star usually uses the house only for rest, and the constant presence there is his mother – Stanka. However, relatives and friends have been invited especially for Christmas, otherwise the spacious building is almost as crowded as Grandpa’s glove. The most important guest was the blonde Anita Dimitrova – the woman who has been warming the bed of the native comedian for two and a half years. This is clear from a video posted on social media by the actor himself. It shows the house shining like a Christmas tree, decorated with hundreds of lights, while at the same time in the yard there is a real living Christmas tree, which is also richly lit. Many children lined up near the tree, including Mitko Jr. Rachkov’s mother can also be seen, as well as a close-up of a woman’s hand with long red nails holding a stick of sparkler. This is most likely Anita’s hand. A few seconds later comes the proof that the playmate was in the house in Tvarditsa. The video shows footage from inside the building – Mitko Jr. is lying on the couch, and in the window behind him you can see the reflection of Anita, who took pictures of him with a phone.It is said that until recently, Rachkov’s mother stubbornly refused to stay under one roof with her son’s current partner. “Mite, you’re laughing,” she warned him, trying to persuade him to look for a more suitable woman. The elderly lady was stressed by the scandalous image of the model, famous for her nude photos. However, she was much more worried about the age difference between the blonde and her son – 27 years. Granny Stanka was convinced that such a young girl could only seek fame and money from her wealthy son. In time, however, she became accustomed to the idea of ​​a young daughter-in-law, and, perhaps to prove that miracles happen at Christmas, she finally applied to sit at the same table with her.





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