Rachel Keke: Marine Le Pen, Bashar el Assad … attacked on her online past, the MP confesses and explains herself

Rachel Keke, Insoumise MP, has seen old messages reappear in which she supports Marine Le Pen.

Rachel Keke in turmoil. Screenshots of Facebook posts, presented as those of Rachel Keke, have been circulating on social networks since June 20. These are the messages where the former chambermaid of the Ibis Batignolles hotel supports Marine Le Pen or Bachar El Assad.

The neo-Nazi group Ouest Casual and the Fdesouche site posted online on Tuesday May 21 a series of screenshots supposed to show that a few years ago, Rachel Keke “shared Fdesouche and Marine Le Pen on her Facebook account”.

A Facebook post by Marine Le Pen shared by “Raïssa Rachel Keke”.
Facebook screenshot – Raïssa Rachel Keke

A publication of Fdesouche shared by "Raïssa Rachel Keke".

A publication of Fdesouche shared by “Raïssa Rachel Keke”.
Facebook screenshot – Raïssa Rachel Keke

Relayed in April 2018 a Facebook post calling for “support” the Syrian dictator “Bashar (al-Assad) against these criminal predators which are the United States, France and England”; another targeting the Ivorian politician Aya Virginie Touré, containing homophobic insults towards her children; or even several publications deemed to be hateful towards North Africans, as it recalls Release.

Accusations made by LREM political figures, such as MEP and former minister Nathalie Loiseau.

We learn more every minute about some new MPs. There, forgive me but my arms are falling. pic.twitter.com/NyFAtSL2mD

— Nathalie Loiseau (@NathalieLoiseau) June 20, 2022

They say what they wanna say, it ain’t gonna break me it won’t bring me down, i’m strong

At the microphone of RTLthe new deputy Nupes-LFI reacted: “I don’t know where they are going to look from, where they are going to search”.

“Few years ago, I reshared posts on Facebook that absolutely do not reflect who I am and what I stand for today in my political fight“, explained, Wednesday, June 22, the elected rebellious on Facebook.

“Racist, sexist and LGBT-phobic ideas must be relentlessly fought!”, assures the MP.

It should also be noted that on Facebook, the account under the pseudonym of Raïssa Rachel Keke is no longer asset. It is therefore impossible to verify the veracity of all these publications. Since May 2022, Rachel Keke has an official account on both Facebook and Twitter, created for the legislative campaign, as recalled 20 minutes.

Who is Rachel Keke?


Housekeeper at the Ibis Batignolles hotel, she was one of the historical figures of the strike which lasted almost 22 months against the management of the hotel in order to demand better working conditions and a salary increase for all the other employees in his case.

Franco Ivorianshe was born in 1974 in the commune of Abobo, in the north from Abidjana clothes salesman mother and a bus driver father, says Marianne.

This novice in politics, resident of Chevilly Laruewas offered the nomination by the local section of La France insoumise, recalls Release. After a long day of hesitation, she finally agrees to go into politics, a crazy bet for this 47-year-old mother of five.

Rachel Kéké arrived in France in 2000, she first worked as a hairdresser to then enter the hotel. She will eventually become governess at the Ibis Batignolles after years of being a chambermaid. A path littered with galleys where she had to alternate for months between squats and friends’ apartments in the suburbs.

French naturalized in 2015 – a country she “adores”, she said, Rachel Kéké now lives in Les Sorbiers, a city in Chevilly-Larue (Val-de-Marne), a town in Île-de-France d where she launched her campaign for the legislative elections. In particular, she defends the workers and all her little hands “essential” to the proper functioning of the French economy. Without these workers, “there is no France”, she had hammered last May during a meeting of the Nupes.

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