rabbit of "Big Brother 2022" and a nasty comment about Daniela: "She was the one from the neighborhood and she has the go… done"

Nacho and Rabbit from “Big Brother 2022” are obfuscated with Daniela for several days and They accuse her of using Thiago in a romance game that does not finish materializing. The young people kissed each other hard the day the leadership was awarded, but the closeness between the two has been coming for weeks.

In a private conversation that they both had in the park at the house, they were able to let go and be honest with the feelings they have for the young woman. No one likes what he is doing with Thiago. “He’s using it”both players held. And they drew several conclusions in order to understand the reason for Daniela: “Tell him that he does it so that Thiago does not vote for her, but the day he goes to the plate out there, it is known that he is fooling him”the Rabbit pointed out. “For me it is evident, otherwise they would be more together”added Nacho.

“He has more lies…”Rabbit pointed out. “Everyone can do what they want, but I don’t like that game. It drives Thiago crazy”agreed Nacho. “I’m getting angry at him for being so cu… like that. I told Thiago anyway”added the Cordovan.

But the conversation was raising the tone until the friends had a strong comment towards Daniela: “She entered with a role of a very neighborhood girl and Juli’s profile was changed”held Nachowhat alexis I add: “Neighborhood girl but she has the rubber bands made; today doing the rubber bands leaves a mud of twine.”

Finally, Nacho assured that Daniela “his profile changed a lot”while Rabbit reaffirmed the vision he has of the young woman: “The mask did not hold.”

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