Quiz: Which The King’s Affection Character Is Most Similar To You?

The King’s Affection was one of the most popular dramas of 2021 and just won an award at the 2022 International Emmy Awards for Best Soap Opera. His characters stole the hearts of the public and their personalities, although different, enchanted the viewers. This test will tell you who is more similar to you based on your personality.

Each of the characters The King’s Affection They had a well defined personality. From the distrustful crown prince Lee Hwi, to the outgoing and dreamy royal tutor Jung Ji Woon, even Lee Hyun had a calm and strong personality. East test it will help you to know which one looks like you.

The characters in The King’s Affection were unique. // Source: Twitter @koreancloud_

This test won’t take you more than five minutes and will help you find out which character from The King’s Affection is more similar to you based on your personality and tastes. Remember that regardless of the outcome, each of the characters is perfect in its own way.

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Of the characters in The King’s Affection, which one is most similar to your personality?

For this test you will have to count how many identical answers you have. Whether it’s A, B or C, most will give you your result.

  • What word do you feel describes you best?

A) Introverted.

B) Extroverted.

C) I think I am both.

  • What position do you have in your group of friends?

A) Who prefers to listen while the rest talk about them.

B) The leader, the best friend of all.

C) Who usually cares for others.

  • How do you react when you get angry?

A) It made me very angry but I try to calm down and find a solution before acting.

B) I am very impulsive, I do not think about what I do.

C) I’m usually calm, but in my mind I’m thinking how to get revenge.

  • You’re a good student?

A) I try to be.

B) Although I am distracted, I am very smart.

C) Most of the time.

  • How are you when you fall in love?

A) It is difficult for me to accept my feelings.

B) Very clumsy but I always show my happiness.

C) Very loyal even though I keep my feelings for a long time.

  • What is more important for you?

A) Protect me.

B) Seek justice.

C) Protect the people I love.

  • What do you most want in the future?

A) Being able to be who I really am.

B) Be proud of my achievements.

C) Accompany the people I love.

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You are a person who sometimes mistrusts others because they have hurt you along the way. It costs you a lot to open up to the rest, but when you do, you would even give your life for those you love.

You are a hopeless dreamer and you always want to do the right thing. You are also a very clever and innocent person at the same time. Sometimes they might take advantage of you, but you stay true to your feelings.

You are a very loyal friend and you know how to keep secrets perfectly. You always care about the people you love but you have a dark side that only those who harm your loved ones see.

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