Quiz: Which Park Eun Bin Haircut Should You Imitate?

Park Eun Bin is the leading lady of Extraordinary Attorney Woo and has completely mesmerized viewers with her acting. In addition to that, she has also appeared with different hairstyles in her dramas and many of them are perfect for trying a new look. This test will help you know which one would suit you according to your personality.

Park Eun-bin she is a very popular actress and the looks she uses for her characters always change drastically. She gives each of them a different touch and it shows in her hair. Which of your hairstyles would it be better with you? East test it will help you to know.

Which Park Eun Bin hairstyle is best for you? // Source: Twitter @kdramatreats

If you are a fan of Park Eun Bin, surely you want to be inspired by her to change your look. The actress has made crazy choices with her hair to represent different characters and some of her styles might be for you. East test It will help you choose one.

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Which Park Eun Bin haircut would be ideal for you based on your tastes?

For this test you must count how many items of each answer you have. Whether it’s A, B, or C, most will give you your result.

  • Do you like to comb your hair a lot?

A) Not much, I prefer something fast.

B) I do it all the time.

C) It depends on the occasion.

  • How long does it take to comb your hair?

A) 15 minutes.

B) About 30 minutes or an hour.

C) About 10 minutes or less.

  • Do you like a crazy style or do you prefer something safe?

A) I can try both.

B) Insurance.

C) Crazy.

  • Lose your hair ties?

A) Almost always.

B) I always know where they are.

C) All the time.

  • Which of these hairstyles do you prefer?

A) Pigtails.

B) Braids.

C) Loose hair.

A) straight

B) both

C) laughed


  • Most A: Short hair with fringe.

Although Lawyer Woo’s hairstyle might not seem like the best option, there are plenty of ways to style short hair for a more unique look. Without a doubt, this hairstyle is for you.

Park Eun Bin with short hair. // Source: Twitter @parkeunbinphofc

  • Majority B: Long wavy hair.

Long hair is also a good option and you can vary with fringe or without fringe. Although it requires more care and constant combing, it is a good option for styling your hair.

Park Eun Bin with long hair. // Source: Twitter @parkeunbinintl

  • Most C: Curly hair with short fringe.

Curly hair is also not a bad option, even if you want to use the red dye with a fringe. A Park Eun-bin It looks great on him and no doubt you will look amazing too.

Park Eun Bin with laughing hair. // Source: Twitter @sooyeon_fashion

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