Quiz: Which NCT Dream Song Best Represents Your Emotions?

This year, NCT Dream surprised with very fun and catchy songs in each of their comebacks. If you wonder which of their songs you are, this test will help you find out, since the group has a track that could perfectly represent you. Glitch Mode, Teddy Bear or Better than Gold?

NCT Dream he had a great year with his album Glitch Mode and Beatbox. On top of that, next month they return with the Christmas album Candy. If you want to imagine which of his songs better describe what you are going through, with this test you will know.

NCT Dream songs that could describe you. // Source: Twitter @NCTsmtown_DREAM

East test It won’t take you more than five minutes and will help you discover some of NCT Dream’s b-sides on their Glitch Mode album. Remember that no matter the result, it is a perfect song to listen and enjoy for hours. Are you ready for this test?

December 19 NCT Dream will return with a special Christmas-themed album, which revealed its first advances, showing that it will have a candy concept that all its fans will love. you can do this test while you wait for his return.

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If you were an NCT Dream song, what would you be based on your personality?

For this test you will have to count how many equal answers you have, either A, B or C, most will give you your result.

  • What word do you feel describes you best?

A) In love.

B) Confident.

C) proud.

  • How would you rate your week?

A) 8.

B) 9.

C) 10.

  • What is more important for you?

A) A romance.

B) Feel safe.

C) Love what I do.

  • What do you prefer to do when you feel sad?

A) Talk to my special person.

B) Hug a stuffed animal and curl up in bed.

C) Dancing to shake off my sadness.

  • What is your biggest goal in life?

A) Find a love with a movie.

B) Feel good about myself.

C) Achieve everything I set my mind to.

  • How are you in relationships?

A) I usually give a lot of myself.

B) I try to be a safe space.

C) I celebrate every small achievement of my partner.

  • Have you accomplished everything you wanted this year?

A) Not yet, but I don’t lose hope.

B) Not really, but as long as he’s cool with me.

C) Almost everything, but I will finish before the end of the year.

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Whenever your crush approaches, nervousness wins over you, you feel as if you were treating yourself without knowing what to do or say. For that reason, the perfect song for you is glitch mode.

You are in your safe space, you found it a long time ago and you can’t help but feel good in that place, as well as the cozy hug of a bear, is how you feel today. Without a doubt, you are in the right place.

  • Majority C: Better than Gold

You’ve reached a point where you no longer care what the rest think of you because you know your worth, because you feel like you’re better than gold. And that confidence is what makes you shine like nobody else. You are better than gold.

In other news, NCT Dream will be making a comeback in December with Candy, a Christmas mini album you don’t want to miss.

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