Quiz: Which girl from A Business Proposal would be your best friend?

If you were inside the A Business Proposal story, who among the girls we met in the drama would become your friend, would it be Shin Ha Ri or Jin Young Seo? Your personality reveals it

The history of this korean drama It caught us from start to finish, not only with its romance but also with the comedy that was present in all the chapters and made us laugh without fail. Therefore, we not only love the interactions between the couples of the dramaalso between friends that are part of the story.

The drama begins when Jin Young Seo, who comes from a rich family, asks her friend Shin Ha Ri to take her place and go on a blind date pretending to be her, so she picks her up and takes her shopping to meet her. seize your identity.

If one of them was you B.F.F.Who do you think would be the ideal? Answer this test, tell us what you like the most and what your personality is like, so you will find the result that corresponds to you.

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A Business Proposal Test: Would you be best friends with one of the girls in the drama?

1. The perfect girlfriend plan for a Friday is…

  • Karaoke night (30)
  • Sleepover with skincare routine (20)
  • Drama Marathon (10)

2. If you go to a coffee shop, what would you order?

  • A frappe (10)
  • A cappuccino (30)
  • A lemonade (20)

3. You go on vacation with your BFF, which destination do you choose?

  • A beach (30)
  • A country house (10)
  • A European tour (20)

4. If you go to see a movie at the cinema, would you choose…

  • A romantic comedy (30)
  • Action or horror (10)
  • Children or melodrama (20)

5. How do you prefer to take your photos to remember?

  • With instant camera (30)
  • With the phone (10)
  • I have no preference (20)

6. If you randomly draw pictures in your notebook, you will most likely make…

  • Hearts (20)
  • Flowers (10)
  • Stars (30)

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Your best friend in A Business Proposal would be Hari, the character played by actress and singer Kim Sejeong. She is a fun girl who does not resist saying what she thinks and showing her true feelings, she knows how to have fun with everyday activities that lead her to have a great time.

Characters from A Business Proposal. | Source: Instagram @sbsdrama.official

  • 150-210 points: Jin Young Seo

This is the character played by Seol In Ah, if you were in the story of the drama she and you would be good friends, both of you would be motivated to do things out of the routine, you would trust each other a lot and you would also support each other at all times.

Characters from A Business Proposal. | Source: Instagram @sbsdrama.official

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