Quiz: Which Clichéd Kiss Scene Would You Have In A Romantic K-Drama?

When we see a love drama, the kiss scenes cannot be missing from the plot. Some of these shots tend to follow a certain formula or appear in a setting that we already recognize easily, becoming clichés that we love to see on screen. Would you have a moment like this in a series?

Have you heard of the romantic cliches in dramas? It is about those scenes or stories that we have seen in a large number of series, such as an accidental clash between the protagonists, enemies that become a couple, friends who suddenly fall in love, etc.

In the kiss scenes We also find certain scenarios that are common within the K-dramas, how many times have we seen the protagonists have their first kiss in a playground? Or in the rain, by accident and even after a romantic date.

That is why today we invite you to answer a fun test about the dramas you like and how romantic you are, write down your answers and in the end you will find the result that corresponds to you.

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What would your ideal kiss scene look like if it was in a K-Drama?

1. Choose the cliché you like the most in a love story:

A) From friends to partner

B) From enemies to lovers

C) With a destiny or past that unites them

2. You prefer dramas that, in addition to romance, include…

A) Comedy

B) Fantasy or action

C) revenge

3. Another cliché you would choose is…

A) Difference in social classes

B) CEO who falls in love with his employee

C) Living under the same roof

4. The coolest leading ladies are…

a) funny

B) With certain insecurities, like a real person

C) brave

5. A highly anticipated scene in romantic dramas is…

To the wedding

B) When romance is exposed

C) The first date

6. Where do you like dramas to be filmed?

A) In Seoul

B) Abroad

C) In Korea, but not in Seoul

7. The coolest leads are…

A) Charismatic, kind and cheerful

B) Cold in appearance but good hearted

C) Brave, bold and intelligent

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  • Majority of A: accidental kiss

Your kiss in a K-Drama would be one of those scenes where the leads trip, collide, or slip causing a fall that leads to an unexpected kiss. The moment would take them by surprise, but it could lead them to discover their true feelings.

The ideal kiss scene for you according to K-Dramas. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

  • Majority of B: kiss in the rain

You would star in a totally romantic kiss scene, the two leads of the drama would be standing in the rain, confessing their feelings and finally letting their hearts speak.

The ideal kiss scene for you according to K-Dramas. | Source: Instagram @tvn_drama

  • Majority of C: kiss after a date

You would have a totally casual kiss scene, after a romantic date, they would say goodbye without wanting to separate, so they would share their first kiss in the plot.

The ideal kiss scene for you according to K-Dramas. | Source: Instagram @tving.official

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