Quiz: What story would you live in a video game-themed drama?

Technology is also part of dramas, which is why there are very popular stories with E-Games players, video game programmers or people who unplanned enter a world of virtual reality. Take this quiz to find out which of these stories suits you best.

Have you seen a drama that is related in one way or another to the video game? Although this theme is not one of the most popular, several very popular stories have been released that take us into it and you surely know more than one title like this.

However, this is a subject that can be approached from many perspectives in the world of dramas, because sometimes we meet characters who love video games, others who create them or even have a very powerful connection to them without knowing it.

That is why today we present you with a very fun test where you can find out what kind of story you would have if you were inside a drama With this theme, do you dare to discover it?

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If you were in a video game drama, what would the plot be like?

1. What kind of video games do you prefer?

A) Of combats

B) racing

c) adventure

2. Your favorite dramas include…

A) romantic comedy

B) Deceit, revenge and misunderstandings

C) Magic, powers and supernatural creatures

3. How do you prefer to play video games?

A) Online, with other people

B) I like to meet someone I know to play together

c) on my own

4. The drama stories I can never resist are…

A) Juveniles

B) Very cliché

C) Of the most famous actors

5. A cliché you like to see in dramas is…

A) Of romance, when they go from being enemies to lovers

B) When the family opposes the protagonist’s dreams

C) memory loss

6. In a video game drama you cannot miss…

A) The competitive spirit

b) good music

C) Incredible special effects

7. A drama often grabs your attention for…

A) Your poster or teaser photos

B) Her video teaser

C) The actors that appear in it

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  • Majority of A: Drama about video game competitions

Your story would be in the style of the drama Falling Into Your Smile, where the two leads and the rest of the main characters know each other because they all love video games and are very talented at them.

Falling Into Your Smile poster. | Source: Twitter @Promodlivros

  • Majority of B’s: Drama about game programmers

You would be in a drama like Love O2O, where the characters not only love video games, but are also interested in all the creativity behind them. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Love O2O poster. | Source: Twitter @Promodlivros

  • Majority of C: drama inside a video game

Your answers indicate that you would be in a drama where reality and the world of video games mix, something similar to Memories of the Alhambra, where virtual reality sometimes gets out of control.

Poster Memories of the Alhambra. | Source: Twitter @acapitalchick

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