Quiz: If you were to star in a historical drama, what era would it be from?

Do you think you would be better suited to historical dramas that take place in the Goryeo era, Joseon era, or during the Japanese occupation? Take this quiz and build your K-Drama to find out.

Not all Korean dramas out there are set in today’s age of Koreain fact there are many stories that in one way or another lead us to know times passed, that is how we arrive at the historical dramas.

It is likely that you associate this theme in the K-dramas with Kings Y palacesHowever, it all depends on the time in which each story takes place, since not all of Korea’s past was the same way.

Answer this test and tell us how you would like the story of the korean drama that you will star in, that will lead us to discover in what time the plot will take place.

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Which era of historical dramas suits you best?

1. What kind of K-Drama would you like it to be?

A) Of romance and intrigue

B) romantic comedy

C) melodrama

2. Who would be your character’s best friend?

a) a princess

B) Someone from the service staff

C) A relative (sister, cousin)

3. You could not miss the scenes of…

A) beautiful landscapes

B) Awkward but funny moments

C) Clashes

4. Your character’s romantic interest would be…

A) The rebellious son of the king

B) The crown prince

C) a commander

5. Who would be the villain of the drama?

A) The traitor who wants to usurp power

B) The noble families who are very ambitious

C) The girl that the protagonist’s family chose as his fiancée

6. The love between the protagonists would be tested by…

A) The distance that separates them

B) The commitments of one of them with the people

C) The dangers of the relationship

7. Now, how would you like your look to be?

A) very elegant

B) With colorful outfits

C) With feminine details

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It was Goryeo. Your answers indicate that your drama would take place inside palaces and would surely include clashes between princes to conquer the throne, while on the other hand a love story would be woven little by little.

Korean dramas of the Goryeo era. | Source: Instagram @iuaena.com.hk

It was Joseon. This is the time where stories like Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Jewel In The Palace take place, there are many Korean romance and romantic comedy series that pick up this stage of Korea’s past.

Korean dramas of the Joseon era. | Source: Twitter @purplishsky_

Japanese occupation. The drama you would star in would surely have a bit of a dark vibe, but that wouldn’t stop a plot of love and melodrama from taking place throughout the episodes.

Korean dramas of the Japanese occupation. | Source: Twitter @dramasaranger

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