Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Park Bo Gum And His Acting Career?

Park Bo Gum is a prominent Korean actor who has starred in dramas like Record of Youth and Encounter, as well as showcasing his talents on the big screen in different movies across all genres. Do you think you know everything about his acting career? This quiz will test your knowledge.

Park Bogum was born on June 16, 1993 in South Korea. In recent years, the actor has gained much recognition for his versatility in roles, especially dramas and mystery-action films. East test It will help you identify if you know everything about him.

Do you want to test how much you know about Park Bo Gum? // Source: Twitter @chonlapat7895

The test It won’t take you more than 5 minutes and will help you remember many of the works that Park Bo Gum has done and fascinated fans with. In addition to that, if you have not seen them yet, it is the perfect opportunity to investigate about them. Do you dare to do it?

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If Park Bo Gum is your favorite actor, do you know everything about his career?

For this test each answer has a different score, you must count it and the total will give you your final result. Remember not to cheat!

  • What year did Park Bo Gum debut as an actor?

A) 2012 with the drama Hero. (0 points)

B) 2011 with the film Blind. (10 points)

C) 2012 with the drama Bridal Mask. (0 points)

  • What was the first leading role you got?

A) Sa Hye Joon in Record of Youth. (0 points)

B) Kim Jin Hyuk in Encounter. (0 points)

C) Lee Yeong in Love in the Moonlight. (10 points)

  • In which drama did he NOT make a cameo?

A) The Producers. (0 points)

B) Itaewon Class. (0 points)

C) Little Women. (10 points)

  • Have you made OST for dramas?

To nobody. (0 points)

B) Various. (0 points)

C) Only 1. (10 points)

  • In how many movies has he participated?

A) None. (0 points)

B) Less than 5. (0 points)

C) More than 5. (10 points)

  • What was the first award you got as an actor?

A) Best Supporting Actor for Hello Monster. (10 points)

B) Best New Actor for Respond 1988. (0 points)

C) Top Actor for Excellence with Love in the Moonlight. (0 points)

To nobody. (0 points)

B) Various. (0 points)

C) Only one. (10 points).

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  • From 0 to 30 points: You still don’t know much about Park Bo Gum.

Maybe you barely met Park Bo Gum or maybe you don’t have a very good memory. Regardless of that, it’s always the perfect time to start learning from your favorite actor. Don’t be discouraged!

  • From 40 to 60 points: You remember a lot of things about Park Bo Gum.

You know a lot about Park Bo Gum, although you still forget certain things, you know perfectly well why he is your favorite actor. What is it that you like the most about him?

  • 70 points: You are a true fan of Park Bo Gum.

You are a true fan of Park Bo Gum, you know everything about him inside and out, without a doubt, you love the actor and you can’t wait to see him once again in the doramas.

In other news, do you want to know if Park Bo Gum looks like his crush characters when he falls in love? The actor told the whole truth.

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