Quiz: How big of a fan are you of Korean romance dramas?

Would you recognize a drama scene just by the description of what happens to the characters at that moment? Today you can find out what level you are as a fan of K-Dramas by identifying some moments of their stories.

Although there are Korean dramas with many themes ranging from action, fantasy or even crime, we must recognize that some of the most popular series are those that follow the love story his characters.

The Romantic K-Dramas they unfold in many ways, sometimes at school, in the office, with friends who have known each other since childhood or even enemies who suddenly become close, do you like to see these kinds of stories on screen?

If you are a fan of the love dramathen this test is for you, below we will describe some scenes and you must recognize in what kdrama romantic that situation occurs, so you will discover if you are an expert or you are at the beginner level.

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Test: Identify the drama by its scenes, how many of them do you know?

1. Korean drama where the protagonist gives a stuffed cow to the girl he likes:

  • You’re Beautiful (20)
  • What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (10)
  • Romance is a Bonus Book (30)

2. In which drama the protagonist and his friend visit a hospital to retrieve a cell phone that was stolen by one of the patients?

  • Doctor Stranger (30)
  • tempted (20)
  • Descendants of the Sun (10)

3. Drama where the protagonists wear matching shirts with the phrase I Love California:

  • Heartstrings (20)
  • TheHeirs (10)
  • Mary Me Mary (30)

4. In which romantic drama does the female lead give her crush a ceramic plate she made with a flower painted on it, but her friends accidentally break it?

  • The Great Seducer (10)
  • Boys Over Flowers (30)
  • LoveRain (20)

5. Drama where the protagonists cover themselves from the rain using orange road cones

  • Cinderella and Four Knights (30)
  • Fight For My Way (20)
  • Pinocchio (10)

6. In which Korean drama does the main couple go on a date and she mentions Samantha and Rachel?

  • A Business Proposal (10)
  • Strong Woman Do Bong Sun (20)
  • Cheese In The Trap (30)

7. K-Drama where the protagonist loses one of her sneakers and when a guy returns it to her, she gives him a chive plant as a thank you:

  • The Liar and His Lover (30)
  • Romance is a Bonus Book (10)
  • She Would Never Know (20)

8. What is the K-Drama where the female lead falls in a hotel bathroom and drops a glass of wine, so when the service arrives she thinks she had a serious accident and they call the ambulance?

  • My Secret Romance (10)
  • W: Two Worlds (30)
  • Moon Hotel (20)

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Expert level. You recognized all the scenes of the Korean dramas that we described to you, so not only do I show you that you have seen all those series, but also that you have a very good memory because you remember them in detail.

Romantic drama test. | Source: Instagram @hotel_del_luna_

Intermediate level. You recognized several of the scenes but it is likely that you have not seen all the K-Dramas that are part of this test and that is why you failed several times, but do not worry, there are many dramas to watch so it is normal that you do not know absolutely all of them.

Romantic drama test. | Source: Instagram @koreanbosss

Beginner level. You failed many of the questions even though most of the scenes belong to the most popular dramas in the category of romance and romantic comedy. How about you pick some of the titles you didn’t recognize and start a drama marathon?

Romantic drama test. | Source: Instagram @hotel_del_luna_

Do not leave Rex Nation, also discover what role you would have in a drama if you were part of a love story, you just have to answer another entertaining test.

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