Quirinale, the delegates of Marche, Sicily, Sardinia and Valle d’Aosta have been chosen: governors and presidents of the assembly elected for the majority

After nine on Tuesday (and Abruzzo who voted at the end of December) four other regions they chose their own delegates to be sent to Rome for the election of President of the Republic, scheduled from January 24th. In the Market, in Sicily and in Sardinia (who designate three representatives each) has passed the usual scheme that provides for the election of the president of the junta, the president of the regional assembly and a representative of the opposition. The vote ignited a political case in the Sicilian Assembly, where the governor Nello Musumeci he obtained only 29 votes (against 32 from grillino Nuccio Di Paola and 44 from Gianfranco Micciché) and for this he threatened his resignation. In Sardinia, however, the president of the Region passed without surprises Christian Solinas (autonomist close to the Carroccio), the president of the regional council Michele Pais (Lega) and the leader of the Democratic Party Giancarlo Ganau.

Representing the Marche region, the regional council has chosen the president of the council Francesco Acquaroli (Brothers of Italy), the president of the assembly Dino Latini (Udc) and the group leader Pd Maurizio Mangialardi, candidate for governor at the last regional. Latini is the second major elector enrolled in the UDC after the president of the Molise assembly Salvatore Micone (elected on Tuesday). It was also voted in Valle d’Aosta, the only region to elect a single delegate: the designated is the president of the region Erik Lavevaz, of the Union Valdotaine, which received 19 preferences out of 34. The strength of the parties after the choices of 14 Regions is therefore as follows: 11 great electors of the Democratic Party, 9 of the Lega, 6 of Forza Italia, 4 for Fratelli d’Italia and M5S, 2 for the UDC and one each for Coraggio Italia, Union Valdotaine, the Sardinian Action Party and Diventerà Bellissima (Musumeci’s movement).

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