Quirinale, the Covid wave pushes the pro Mattarella bis currents and brakes Draghi: “How does he go away in such a moment?”

“Tomorrow we present a document in which it says: Mes yes or no?“. So on January 7, 2021 Matteo Renzi a Tg2 Post certified the start of the government crisis that would lead to the end of Count 2 and the arrival of Mario Draghi a Palazzo Chigi. Tonight Renzi will be back on TV, on La7, and will probably claim his merits again, as he has done many times in recent months. “Proud of having fought to send Conte e home bring Dragons”, He said, also yesterday, in an interview with Corriere della Sera. Renzi will be back on TV with a country that finds itself with the record of positives since the beginning of the pandemic and a number of deaths that frighten again, the chaos on the school and with the first hospitals returning in suffering.

In this context, as is well known, in 17 days the voting to elect will begin the successor of Mattarella. “Nothing will happen before January 10,” said the leader of Italy Viva before the Christmas holidays, but instead a lot has already happened in this period. In fact, after President Draghi’s press conference at the end of the year, a long series of positions began for or against his move to the Quirinale.

The timing for the election of the next President of the Republic appears to be really bad. The new pandemic wave encounters party leaders struggling with parliamentary groups that are difficult to control. The main reason is that, at best, the natural expiry of the legislature is about a year away and then, with the cut of the parliamentarians, many of these they will not be re-elected. In short, reaching the natural expiry of the legislature is at the top of the concerns of almost all the elected officials. “Electing Mario Draghi al Colle would mean not just find another premier: would mean build a new government – is the opinion of a long-time member of parliament from Italia Viva – and to date no one can guarantee that Salvini will fit in. And if the League takes off, we need a political government with a political premier, not a technician”.

Rumors that have gained strength among parliamentarians, to the point that in the newspapers these days, more than the toto-Colle, goes crazy the first. “Di Maio, Franceschini, Giorgetti”We read today on the Corriere della Sera. “The idea of ​​Draghi + Ursula majority pops up” was published on the front page The truth two days ago. Hypothesis that today in the newspapers takes shape in various newspapers. “Salvini’s temptation: away from the government and Draghi al Colle” to have “hands free in the election campaign”, summarizes the XIX century. “For stuff like that it would take at least two months of negotiations. At that point it seems easier to go to the vote. But then how does Draghi leave in a moment like this? ” they tell us from circles of center right.

Is the Mattarella Bis a really faded hypothesis?
What makes noise is the hustle and bustle inside the 5 Star Movement. The pentastellated senators have come out in favor of an encore from Mattarella, despite the fact that the President of the Republic has made it clear, and on several occasions, to understand his unavailability. “Our proposal is not far-fetched – claims a ilfattoquotidiano.it an M5s senator – In the next joint meeting of deputies and senators, a part of us will ask Conte that the proposal for a Mattarella bis become the official position of the M5s, that this be voted on before January 24 by our activists and that it becomes the official proposal of the M5s to the other parties. “The government has done a lot, but the work is not finished and the pandemic is racing. The emergencies are all still standing – adds the parliamentarian – We need stability and stability is preserved with Mattarella at the Quirinale and Draghi at Palazzo Chigi ”.

A current for Mattarella’s second term also exists in the Democratic Party. The former president Matteo Orfini has come to say (toHuffingtonPost): “Let’s vote Mattarella, even against his will. And let’s leave Draghi where he is, in Palazzo Chigi ”. The Democratic Party has set for next Tuesday the party secretariat, with the election of the President of the Republic on the agenda, and the January 13 will bring together the national management. TO ilfatto.it Orfini clarifies: “In the direction we will listen first of all to the secretary. I will not ask to vote on agendas, but to discuss our proposal for a Mattarella bis “. “We are in a state of absolute emergency – he adds – and I think it is very wrong to move President Draghi from where he is now”.

A new post for the outgoing head of state seems to be the apparently more complicated road today, but the simplest due to the much-cited stability. The one also invoked by The sun 24 hours which remembers how theEuropean Union, through the Commission, wants them to be achieved in the first half of 2022 45 obligations between reforms e target to access the second tranche of 24.1 billion of funds from the NRP. Aims “hardly compatible with hypothetical scenarios of a government crisis ”underlines the newspaper of the industrialists. “Both moving Draghi to the Quirinale and Mattarella’s re-election are complicated assumptions – this is the reasoning of a parliamentarian from the center-right of the government – but with one vote a day, if at 24 January due to Covid, we had 100 major voters absent, for which there are no precedents, who can exclude that don’t ask for a sacrifice to President Mattarella? “.

Leave Draghi Premier
“If we want to keep Draghi in Palazzo Chigi, he must be given the maximum political viability”Says Renzi. A really complicated hypothesis, that of full “usability”, for a prime minister who seems to have lost his quid as a “decision maker” (or the energy of a head of government, at least). Proof of this are, among postponements and clashes in the government, i 5 Covid decrees In a month. And, even before the virus raised its head, Draghi had to collect some stops, such as the failure to reform the land registry. Difficult that in the year that will lead to political elections, such a heterogeneous majority may continue to grant carte blanche to the premier his tax reform, fight against tax evasion, public administration reform, revision of the spending review asked from Europe. And, as if that weren’t enough, decide to venture into a new one nuclear adventure or not. Can a government that seems to have exhausted its driving force address this complex of complex matters with such an extensive majority and with its head already turned to the next elections? More than one parliamentarian of the current majority, behind anonymity, admits: “It is easier to go forward with this government and this majority, if the alternative is Draghi, the new president of the Republic, mister X in his place and the early vote in June “

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