Quirinale, Conte at the M5s assembly: “One problem is that the government does not lose days of work. Draghi is eligible, but is now premier in a complex phase. Dialogue? Also with Salvini “

A fixed point Giuseppe Conte he wanted to fix it and it is by no means secondary: “The government does not lose a single day of work”. That is, no one, while it comes to the Quirinale, think about “Early elections” because the economic and health phase is still too complex. The 5-star president, in front of the joint assembly of M5s parliamentarians, opened the first official summit on the Hill asking for a mandate to “Unity” and ensuring that he will not be working to go to the polls and unhinge the current situation. And if, as expected, he did not want to expose himself on the candidacies trying (as usual) to stay on the method, he nevertheless gave some important signals: not only did he downsize the endorsements for the Mattarella-bis and the “Search for a female figure”, but he used very lukewarm words about the hypothesis that it is Mario Draghi to go to the Colle. “He is suitable”, he said, “but now he is premier in a complex phase”. Which is a way to reassure his people that the former president of the ECB will not be the name that will launch the M5s (at least at the beginning), but also a signal to the other camps. Here is precisely on the dialogue with others, Conte wanted us to know that the axis with Pd and Leu is “solid”, but also informed of the open dialogue with the opposite side. “I inform you that I have also established a direct channel with the center-right exponents. This comparison, in particular with Salvini, is useful”. All this, however, reiterating the veto, irremovable, on Silvio Berlusconi whose candidacy remains “inadmissible”. “He will never, ever get our votes,” he ruled.

The mandate obtained by Conte for the negotiations was full, but, they are keen to specify internal sources, “Not blank”. “His 181 participants, since there are also the regional delegates, all those present acknowledged full confidence in Conte“, They hastened to let the agencies know the sources of the top management. “There is the awareness that the the Chief Politician will negotiate who has already shown that he knows how to tackle and bring to terms even very demanding negotiations in Europe ”. This time, however, the leader will not be able to do everything alone as when he was prime minister and he knows it well. “We have an enlarged control room”, made up of vice-presidents, ministers, coordinators of the 4 political committees and the head of the European delegation. And also, “when we have a more concrete prospect of a solution on the table I will ask for a joint to inform you all directly “.

It is not a detail, also because the M5s front has been alive for days in a state of confusion and with the anxiety of making mistakes in the most decisive game. After all, the souls inside are many, as well as the thrusts and it is no secret that Conte struggles (and a lot) to keep the groups. Now comes the most important challenge, also and above all for the leadership of the new president. Tonight for example, it has now become clear that there is a front that is asking to push for a Mattarella-bis and sees at the forefront a group of senators: they have all spoken and they are Danilo Toninelli, Primo Di Nicola, Antonella Campagna, Simona Nocerino, Vincenzo Presutto e Giuseppe Auddino. The deputy joined them Luigi Iovino. They are the same ones who push why there is an online vote of the members and why the group leaders sit at the table. The parent company in the Senate Mariolina Castellone he explicitly asked for “transparency, listening and full involvement in the decision-making process”. And he added: “We expect that no push for his flag candidate, without knowing how to listen “. For the colleague in the Chamber Davide Crippa “Attention to choices must be very high”. And he reiterated that the government cannot change: “We cannot afford to slow down with a possible new government also for the disbursement of the tranches of the NRP “. Then, when the meeting closed, Crippa himself came out to reiterate that “we are not split”. In short, everyone agrees on one thing: forward Conte, but with constant dialogue with his parliamentarians. AND Luigi Di Maio? Although very active (he has met leaders and exponents of all parties for days), today he was absent due to institutional commitments. But he too will be a key player in the game.

“The M5s express its political strength and moral courage” – The debut of the 5-star leader was an appeal for the Movement to be aware of the role it can play in the coming days. “We have to face this passage, expressing our political strength and our moral courage. Political strength derives from the solidity of our ideals and from the awareness of our numbers in Parliament. Courage, on the other hand, from the ability to walk with our heads held high and to carry on our battles even when everyone hinders us or hurts us ”. And he added: “Both strength and courage depend on the fact that we work inspired by a single mission: the common good of citizens”. In doing so, said Conte, “we will demonstrate with facts that the only sure ‘tip of the balance’ in this game will be the 5 Star Movement, the relative majority group in this Parliament. We have the honor but also the burden of representing 11 million Italians“.

He doesn’t mention names, but he locks up the government – One of Conte’s stakes is that the executive and the current majority are not called into question. “I do not think it appropriate to go down in the evaluation of individual names or chase this or this candidacy” for the Quirinale “but this may be the time to fix some fixed points” and in the moment of the pandemic and economic emergency “I believe that the Italians expect the government not to lose a single day of work to solve all these problems “. And therefore, “the 5 Star Movement, having the interest of the Italians at heart, must strive to ensure the continuity of the executive’s action”. Then, to sweep away the criticisms of those who insinuate that he can work for an early vote, he reiterated: “The situation we are experiencing, on a political, economic and social level, it does not allow to go to the elections by interrupting the legislature. We must therefore counteract those dynamics that risk triggering between the various political forces that could lead to an electoral scenario, which at this moment it would end up compromising all the work done with the PNRR and to ensure a prompt restart of the country “.

“Draghi suitable profile for the Colle, but today he holds the delicate position of premier” – Conte also spoke of two of the names that have emerged in recent days and without unbalancing, however, he sent some clear signals talking about the candidacy of Mattarella and that of a female figure. “Our strength will have to be compactness,” he said. “The attention they give to our Movement is often conditioned by the desire to drag us into the most specious controversies and to represent ourselves divided and unreliable, always ready to change our opinion. In recent days they transformed the unanimous appreciation of the whole Movement for the moral qualities and institutional sensitivity of President Mattarella, which unfortunately has so far declared himself unavailable for the renewal of the mandate, in a stringent constraint for the negotiations to be conducted “. Same dynamic, he said, about the push to nominate a female figure. “They have transformed our drive for change, which leads us to urge too an adequate female presence among the proposals to be examined, not as an element of potential innovation that could prevent the system from traveling at a speed different from that of the country, but as a purely impromptu exit, almost a formal tribute to gender policies “. And finally, on Draghi: “They tried to overturn even our pragmatism on the name of Draghi: a well-suited and authoritative profile for the Alto Colle, but who today holds the delicate position of premier in a particularly complex phase of the country, with all the implications of the case and the additional reflections to be made “, continued the former premier.

“Solid progressive field, but broaden the field”. The veto on Berlusconi remains – Continuing his speech, Conte then spoke to which axes he intends to move and underlined how on the one hand the Giallorossi axis is solid, but at the same time he informed that he had opened communications with the center-right. And also with Matteo Salvini, a former ally with whom he has clashed several times head-on. “The dialogue and the axis in our field, the progressive one, is solid”, he said, “I have had meetings with the leaders of the Democratic Party and Leu. With the leaders of these political forces I have entered into a consultation agreement, which serves to strengthen dialogue and therefore the strength of our respective positions, broadening the potential spectrum of our representativeness “. The comparison with Salvini is useful, he explained “for three reasons: a) the president must be of high profile and guarantor of all and the malfunctioning of our system on the level of the democratic alternative is not facilitated if we proceed to elect presidents by means of close majorities; b) for the situation we are experiencing, with a government of national unity which requires the effort, given that we are still in full emergency, to proceed also with the election of the Head of State with a broad agreement open at least to the forces that support the current government; c) pfor practical reasons, because no progressive or right-wing alignment has, from the start, self-sufficient numbers in this Parliament ”. However, the fact remains that Conte does not intend to review the M5s veto on Berlusconi: “The candidacy of the president of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi it is an inadmissible proposal for us. I will therefore ask the center right not to deploy the founder of the coalition himself and the current leader of Forza Italia. If the center-right forces and their leaders really have the country’s interest at heart and the search for a personality who can gather the widest possible sharing: then we put aside candidacies that are clearly biased and which they certainly will not be able to collect never, and I mean never, the votes of the 5-star Movement“.

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