Queuing up to an hour in Shopping 1: “Too many people at once”


A lot of annoyance in the Shopping 1 car park on Saturday evening, with both arriving and departing visitors standing in traffic jams for almost an hour. According to employees of the shopping center because too many people arrived at the same time and wanted to leave.

It is not immediately clear what caused the large influx to Shopping 1 on Saturday evening. It is certain that it took a long time to get in and get a parking space. But leaving the mall was not smooth sailing either. According to some drivers, it took almost an hour before they could drive out.

And that also had consequences for the people who had paid their parking ticket but had well exceeded the time allowed to leave the car park. In principle, they had to go back to the machine to pay for the remaining time. To prevent that and more traffic jams, an employee was put at the barrier to ensure that people could still leave without causing much delay. In any case, it led to a lot of annoyance among visitors to Shopping 1. According to employees of the shopping center, the long traffic jams are the result of a coincidence in which many people arrived and wanted to leave at the same time. Shopping 1 management could not be reached for comment on Saturday evening. (cn)

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