"Questions too easy…" : Yaël favored by the production of "12 strokes of noon" ? For Internet users, the cup is full!

On June 18, at “12 coups de midi” on TF1, a certain Yaël made a rather unusual arrival in the midday master’s chair. Indeed, this stretcher-bearer had indeed confessed to having seen the program only three times. Something to surprise Jean-Luc Reichmann who then received more details on the presence of the challenger on his set. “With my best friend we were talking about it, and he told me it would be nice if you went, and that’s it.“, explained the latter. “Like anything can happen, he is in the final!“, continued the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre. With a first masterstroke at 10,000 euros, Yaël took his first winning steps in the midday game of TF1. But problem, it took that day that the facilitator explains to him the principle of this last step to be taken. “And yes, it’s true that you don’t know the instructions!“, had fun the facilitator.

A few weeks later, Yaël is well versed in the exercise. This Monday, July 25, 2022, it is with a prize pool of 64,600 euros that this fan of Hélène Rollès presented himself for a 23rd participation. And true to his good habits, despite a few hiccups, he managed to defeat his challengers and won the right to continue his adventure. A rather astonishing route which is starting to make some teeth cringe.

Indeed, many viewers are convinced that Yaël is favored by the production, which would reserve more obvious questions for him. “But he sucks! The easy questions for him, the “hard” ones for the others… It will eventually be seen that he has an advantage”, “As always the noon masters are favored in their questions, this time it is more than visible so much the level of Yaël is low as the level of her questions…”, “No but the ease of the questions the Yaël once again facilitated by the production is the mistakes they make sv0 is it a joke?? I’m tired of this system of always favoring the midday masters Pfff I can’t see it anymore“, chanted some Internet users on Twitter.


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