Questions about pregnancy make Sarah Harrison angry!

Sarah Harrison (31) speaks a word of power! The successful influencer shares many aspects of her life with Dominic Harrison (31) in Dubai with her community. So her fans were allowed to accompany her during her pregnancies with Mia Rose (4) and Kyla (2). Although her two girls are her greatest treasure, the beauty recently made it very clear that she and her husband do not want a third child for the time being. That Sarah despite being asked all the time if she is pregnant, drives her insane…

In your Instagram-Story she now posted the screenshot of a fan comment that had upset her: “She’s pregnant, you can see her stomach, right?” Wrote a user under a recent post. This cheek could Sarah don’t let it go: “Why do you always have to write something like that? Does a woman’s stomach always have to be flat? Mine isn’t.”, the 31-year-old was annoyed. “And I’m not pregnant.”

In fact, many followers also defend under the comment Sarah. one writes: “You can’t just write something like that! Apart from the fact that everyone knows about your intolerance.” What is the fan talking about here? The web star was recently struggling with intestinal problems and insomnia. It turns out she is gluten intolerant.

Instagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison in October 2022

Instagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison in Dubai in May 2022

Instagram / sarah.harrison.official

Sarah Harrison, YouTube star

Can you understand that Sarah is annoyed by such comments?

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